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02 Feb

In the West Nile district of Zombo, the Great Ayuveni Chiefdom of Ker Alur (Alur Kingdom) has embarked on Girl Child Empowerment for the holiday makers as they get ready to get back to school. 

This has seen The Great Kaal Ayuveni of Ker Alur in collaboration with Kwan Yabuwang (“Education is Empowerment”) organized a two days Girl Child Holiday Retreat (18 - 19th Jan 2023) at Lwala Primary School 

The retreat gathered all together the school going girls from within the chiefdom clans of Juloka, Kango, Lwala and Warr Public Primary Schools situated within Ayuveni Chiefdom. 

A total of 283 girls attended Including head teachers of the various schools. 

Group Photo After The Retreat

Left to Right: The Jadipu of Kaal Ayuveni & his Wife, Speaker Kaal Ayuveni, Headteacher Juloka P/S, Juliet Angala of Kwan Yabuwang & the Girls posing for a Group Photograph in front of Lwala Catholic Church.

The Theme of the Retreat was Somu Maku the Lembe Pir Anyim Para (My Future lies in Education) with an overall objective of sharing with the girls real-life stories meant to motivate and encourage them into focusing on their studies in spite of the challenges. 

Key areas and topics of discussions were career guidance, motivational talks, life skills, reproductive health and dangers of teenage pregnancies delivered by the main facilitator Mrs. Juliet Angala founder of Kwan Yabuwang alongside the in-charge midwife-Warr Health Centre IV.

In the Opening & Welcome Remarks by the Jadipu of Kaal Ayuveni Urwoth Sanctus Pitic Openja,  he welcomed participants and thanked the girls for creating time to attend the Retreat. In a special way, he thanked the Chief of Kaal Ayuveni, Rwoth Uledhire II for his great wisdom in steering the Chiefdom’s projects and passion for education. 

Jadipu acknowledged the presence of the headteachers of these schools and their tireless effort in the preparation & mobilization process.

In his presentation, Jadipu shared the 2023 road map of the Chiefdom with key highlights on priority areas like sensitization of parents and also, advised them to concentrate on studies.

The Participants Kinly Listening to the Presentation

As key to the retreat, the Executives of Kaal Ayuveni Chiefdom also presented on the upcoming plans of activities to be undertaken.

In attendance were also the Cabinet Ministers from the Chiefdom who included the Chairman Royal Council, the Secretary General and the Speaker. They expressed their appreciation to Rwoth Uledhire 11 for this great initiative and other previous programs all aimed at improving education in Kaal Ayuveni. 

They pledged their support in working closely with Rwoth Uledhire II for future developmental projects in the Chiefdom and also extended gratitude to Kwan Yabuwang.

In other Speeches, The Speaker Kaal Ayuveni who also doubles as the Minster of Education called upon the girls to remain focused in school and avoid negative influence like going to night discos where they get lured by boys or men. He further warned them that if they don’t desist from attending night discos, then they should be ready for the negative consequences.

In addition, the Secretary General of Kaal Ayuveni re-assured the girls that the Chiefdom is always willing to offer support in situations where any girl feels she is being innocently harassed or abused by a parent (s) or even men/boys. 

This was in response to issues raised by some girls whose parents and especially mothers who used provocative, abusive and vulgar words prompting some girls to misbehave. He advised them to reach out to them for solace.

As part of the retreat, the Presentation by Kwan Yabuwang who also doubles as The founder of Kwan Yabuwang Juliet Angala warned the girls against engaging in sex by abstaining in order to avoid the consequences that come along with it like unwanted teenage pregnancy etc. 

The founder of Kwan Yabuwang Mrs. Juliet Angala

She also shared her true story where her growing up as a daughter of a mad man deprived her of basic scholastic materials that she even lacked a pen and she didn’t give up on her studies. 

She told the girls that it is her disadvantaged family background that motivated and encouraged her to focus more on studies in order to become successful in future and be able to change the story of her family, siblings and society. She further advised them that they should instead persevere challenges and desist from accepting gifts or money from men which are used as traps.

The Founder Kwan Yabuwang requested Madam Harriet the Midwife Warr Health Centre to avoid providing family planning services to these young girls especially when she mentioned the adverse effects of the same. 

In a tough statement, Juliet told the girls to completely abstain instead of falsely preventing pregnancy and still being exposed to other serious consequences. As a mother she appealed to the girls to appreciate their bodies as a precious temple of God and also develop positive pride in safe guarding themselves against indulging in sex. 

She also warned them against being lazy so as to become role models in their families, the Chiefdom and society with traits of excellence, commitment and hard work.

Madam Harriet the Midwife Warr Health Centre Presenting

In a related manner, Mrs. Winnie Openja, the wife to Jadipu reminded the girls that as daughters of Kaal Ayuveni, they are expected to exhibit high standards in the way they behave and should therefore avoid any negative actions that can be shameful. She also requested them to always keep home and keep busy with house and garden chores.

Other speakers present like the Subcoutny Chief Kango Subcounty who represented the Senior Probation Officer Zombo District emphasized the need for the girls to be disciplined in whatever they do. 

She appealed to them to pursue education as a primary objective in attaining a brighter future and become successful women.

Mrs. Winnie Openja Speaking

A presentation by the Midwife Warr Health Centre IV, Madam Harriet explained in details 

the dangers of teenage pregnancy that is a leading cause of fistula which has affected so many women and especially young girls. 

She also cautioned them against the use of family planning whose side effects can cause bareness. The retreat also included testimonies from some of the girls who were misled by accepting money and gifts from men, resulting into unwanted pregnancy and dropping out of school which action they are now regretting.

The Retreat was closed at 5.30pm by Juliet Angala upon the request of the District Education Officer (DEO) who as the Chief Guest was unable to come due to other urgent engagement.

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