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23 Nov

In a significant stride towards youth empowerment, Ayivu Division in Arua City witnessed a transformative moment as 30 young individuals became beneficiaries of a seven-year project led by Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center. These youths, having undergone a comprehensive two-month hands-on skills training, received startup kits essential for various vocations. 

At the heart of this initiative lies the empowerment of dropouts from school, providing them with newfound hope and pathways toward self-reliance. The beneficiaries were equipped with 18 sewing machines for tailoring, complete kits for motor vehicle mechanics, building construction, salon and hairdressing, as well as a full set for welding and metal fabrication. The handover ceremony took place at the Ayivu Division headquarters in Onduparaka on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. 

Some of the Beneficiaries Receiving the Tools 

Dr. Rodgers Ampwera, the Executive Director of Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center, expressed the project's overarching goal: to foster self-sufficiency among youths. 

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This initiative, conducted in partnership with CARE International and Canada, seeks to steer dropout youths toward independent livelihoods, urging them to utilize the startup kits for income generation. 


Anek Josephine, overseeing the project at CARE International, emphasized that these kits serve as tools to combat poverty among school dropouts. She stressed the need for their proper utilization to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) within families, urging responsible use among the beneficiaries. 

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Francis Bayo, the Youth Chairperson for Ayivu Division, encouraged the recipients to harness the potential of these kits for productive endeavors, amplifying the importance of their meaningful use. 

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However, Mayor Malon Avutia cautioned against any attempt to sell the kits, issuing a warning of potential arrests for offenders. Avutia reiterated the criticality of the kits' intended purpose and discouraged any form of misuse. Expressing gratitude, some beneficiaries vowed to employ the kits for their rightful purposes, recognizing the opportunity granted to them. 

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Yet, Kalsum Abdu Fadimula, the Secretary for Social Services in Arua City, directed a specific call to the girl child, urging them to leverage these kits as a means to elevate their quality of life, signaling the importance of gender equality and female empowerment. 


This initiative not only equips these youths with practical tools but also symbolizes a transformative opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and drive positive change within the community. The event stands as a testament to collective efforts in fostering self-sufficiency and uplifting the prospects of the younger generation within Ayivu Division.

BY Matata Benzamin, Dailywestnile.info
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