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31 Oct

Its 100% confirmed that the world's funniest comedian Klint Da Drunk will be performing in Arua City come this December 30th/122022 at Hotel Le Confidential.

This was officially revealed to the Public as per the official press conference from Moto Loud, a local event company behind the event. 

Moto Loud is a reputable entertainment company founded by the youth of Arua city.

Moto Loud's reputation and credibility has ben seen over the years for the successes registered in the Entertainment world as the company had previously engaged and brought on ground Kenya's top most Comedian Eric Omondi to Arua.  

With more to engage, the company has confirmed to media that hey are organizing a comedy event that shall usher in the Nigeria comedian, Klint Da Drunk, an event in which they sought to raise funds to support the vulnerable such as some widows in Arua city.

While addressing   journalists at  Le confidential hotel in Arua district on Sunday, the s poke person for company, Hakim Aliku commonly known as Kimnazz revealed that they have already identified 17 vulnerable widows so  far  and are  yet to  identifying more of them to be supported  through the event.


As per the communications from the event manager, Mr. Big Jammie, he explained that they are also aiming at connecting west Nile comedians and local musicians to the international successful comedians and music artists  in the world .

He further stressed that their previous scope of building such connection had led to the emergency of new acts in the region were the current comedian Mayor Of Kirabu - Sundiata had benchmarked from till his stardom seasons as of now at the national scene.


Rogers Adriko   the  market manager of the company also communicated on the company's ideas of promoting tourism in the region through such events. 


Moto loud also organized the same   kind of event in 2019 that ushered in Erick Omondi of Kenya in Arua  and now on 30th/12/2022, they are welcoming the most known comedian by the name of Klint Da drunk in Hotel Le confidential .

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