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14 Feb

The West Nile Press Association convened a significant media fellowship on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024, at Voice of Life FM, with a focus on fostering unity and collaboration among media professionals in the region. 

The highlight of the event was the address by Rt. Rev. Charles Collins Andaku, the bishop of Madi West Nile Diocese, who emphasized the importance of cooperation and unity among media houses. Bishop Andaku underscored that while competition exists, it should not overshadow the collective goal of serving and transforming the community. He urged media houses to prioritize delivering impactful work that uplifts and informs the populace. 

God has gifted you differently and let us make use of that different gift to build the body of Christ, to do good works.Don't sit over those gifts. Use it to build the kingdom of God and also build each other so that we can build our nation. We can build our region. We do good works and bear good fruits.Two, do not compete with one another in this ministry. You are different radio stations, you are different TV stations, but don't have competition amongst yourself.Accept, do your best to accept. Use your gift to do your best in that station and promote that station to your best and this is all to develop. That's why every station is unique. Says Bishop Charles Adaku

In response, William Mugisha, the newly appointed station manager for Voice of Life FM, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the fellowship, emphasizing the station's mission to spread the message of love and salvation through Jesus Christ. 

The work that we do is from God, so it is good that we find time like this to be able to fellowship. And when we are blessed with our Father in faith, the Bishop, to come and share a moment with us,I think that is a huge privilege that we should be taking seriously. Because the people that we are serving, these are God's people, and therefore words from the Bishop will be very enriching and also will help guide us.A lot of the time, the work that we do, we are very busy people who do not get a lot of time to get spiritual nourishment.And so for you to be able to honor this invitation and come in this number is for us a big privilege. As you may be aware, in Voice of Life, our business is to make Jesus Christ and His love known. Says Mugisha

Gaetano Apamaku, station manager for Radio Pacis, echoed Bishop Andaku's sentiments, advocating for the continuity of such collaborative initiatives. Apamaku stressed the importance of ongoing efforts to foster cohesion and mutual support among media professionals in the region.

Thanks for this initiative. We got the invitation yesterday so we had to, of course when the bishop is on calling you, you think twice to refuse.That's why we're here. We have to thank you very much and we pray that this is not the last time and we continue to have this kind of engagement with you so that we can serve our people better.Says Amapamaku

Clement Aluma, chairperson of the West Nile Press Association (WENPA), conveyed gratitude for the fellowship and pledged the association's unwavering support. Aluma affirmed WENPA's commitment to embracing such initiatives consistently, recognizing their significance in enhancing professional development and cohesion within the media fraternity. 

It's not the first time that we are doing this. I know in 2020, when we were recovering from COVID-19, you moved in all these stations to see who are these people who are communicating to the masses.And indeed, in the station where I was, you came to us about a few where we were. We appreciate, we deeply appreciate this initiative. And all of you and us here, I want to thank you for honoring this invitation.I know it is a very, very rare occasion to gather us. These people are very, very busy because of the tight time schedules they have in their radio stations, in their media houses.But for them to get this time to come here, I want to appreciate it. Says Aluma

The West Nile region boasts a vibrant media landscape with over 20 media houses, predominantly radio stations, playing a crucial role in disseminating news and information to the local communities. Through initiatives like the media fellowship, stakeholders aim to strengthen the industry's collective impact and contribute to the region's social and economic development.

By Matata Benzamin DailyWestnile.info  
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