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23 Oct

Political leaders in West Nile sub region have tasked General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the son of president Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to push for the four key issues of Erratic power supply, compensation of the army veterans - the Lord resistance army [LRA] konyi war victims and  West Nile farmers as key four point agenda to be address by the president to avoid risks of national resistance movement party of losing votes in the fourth coming general election of 2026 in  the area. 

This four point agenda was aired by all the leaders who spoke during the ceremony upon the General's visit to the region as of Wednesday 22nd/10/2022 

Some Of The Leaders Of West Nile

While addressing the people of the area on Wednesday 22/10/2022 at West Nile golf ground during MK project sports tournament awards ceremony, the city mayor of Arua, Wadri Sam Nyakua explains that the; 

Road network in the region is in  bad state, the issue of erratic power supply is also a huge challenge in the area that the government need to fixed before 2026 to avoid the national resistance movement party of losing votes in the area. 

The mayor also hinted on the missing power extension budget as a key issue to the final connection of the region's rural areas to the forth coming grid connection as evacuation might only remain at the Muni main station due to lack of extension budget.

Hon Wadri Sam Nyakua - Mayor Arua City Speaking 


According to the comments from the current MP elect of Arua city central - Mr. Atima Lee Buti Jackson, The road network that are in bad state in the sub region are; Karuma Packwach, Nebbi via Zombo to Vurra custom, Arua, Manibe to Yumbe Moyo Roads. The area Member of Parliament for Arua central division in Arua city, Hon Jackson Atimalee   Butti also further stresses that beside the issue of erratic power supply in the area, general Muhoozi should also voice the concerns of Compensation of Konyi war victims, farmers of west Nile and the ex-soldiers   to be solve by the office of the president. 

Honorable Atima Lee Jackson - MP Arua Central Division


The area Member of Parliament for Aringa south, Honorable York Odria Alioni also reechoed on the same issue as he added his voice on the four agenda points of power, road network, compensation of Konyi war victims and extension as he speaks during the function.. 

Honorable York Odria Alioni MP Aringa South


However, Dickson Olum the newly appointed Uganda people defense forces [UPDF] commander of mountain division advised the leaders to use the general to achieve  their set demands incase they want development to be done in the area. 

Dickson Olum the newly appointed [UPDF] commander of mountain division


While handing over Award to   Arua city the winner of the inter district sport tournament for West Nile sub region on the same day, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba accepted to forward the issue to the president to be addressed The visitation of general Muhoozi in West Nile sub region was intended to nature the talents of the youth and provide employment opportunities to them to earn a leaving.  


Gen MUHOOZI KAINERUGABA's speech to the youth in Arua City.

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