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19 Oct

Media practitioners in West Nile sub region Under their umbrella organization - West Nile Press Association has voiced their pleas to the united   nations high commissioner for Human rights and Uganda human right commission to fight for the press freedom in Uganda. While addressing journalists at Le confidential hotel in Arua district during media engagement organized by united nation high commission and Uganda human right commission together with west Nile press association on Tuesday 18th/19/2022, Mr. Felix Warom a representative of West Nile press association who is also working for Daily monitor noted that   journalists in the region and the entire country are being tortured by the state agencies like; police, Uganda people defense force [UDPF] and even the civil servants yet there are fighting  for the rights of the society. He therefore appealed to the United Nations high commissioner for human rights and Uganda Human right to fight against the violation of rights of journalists in the country. 

Mr. Felix Warom a representative of West Nile press association Speaking


Edna Abiria, a journalist working with   radio Paidha in Zombo district also revealed that as ladies they are also suffering sexual harassments by male  civil servants sources that want to give them information in exchanges of having sex with them. 


On February 17/2022, Military Police beat at least ten journalists covering national unity platform  opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi also  known as Bobi Wine   as he delivered his petition to the office of united  nations commissioner for human rights in Kampala. His petition was to protest the alleged human rights abuses and abduction of his supporters in run up to and after January 2021 contested presidential election. Bernard Anwine, the communication officer of united nation high commissioner for human rights acknowledged that journalists rights in Uganda are being violated so much by the state agencies. 


Daisy Kissa, the investigative officer of Uganda human right commission Arua branch says that journalists are the key stakeholders in advocating for the rights of the citizens in the country, if any of them are being tortured by some of the government state agencies, they should report the case to the office of Uganda human right commission immediately. 


Chapter four of the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda stipulates the protection of fundamental rights and freedom of expression, assembly the right   of Life, rights of women and children.  

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