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12 Oct

Arua central division council authority are demanding west Nile  rural electrification company[WENERECO] management  40 million  Uganda shillings for the pending  ground rent arrears  on  electricity poles that has not been paid for two years by the company - WENRECO. While Speaking during a stakeholders meeting on Wednesday 12th/10/2022, the clerk to the council for the division, Hassery Edebo explained that for two years the company has not paid the ground rent on electricity poles to the council. 


West Nile rural electrification company is a private electricity  company mandated to generate and distribute power to the people of West Nile sub region, it was introduced in the area in the year 2003 with the  two power plants established in Arua city at Upper Bibia cell and Ewuata in Arua district. The company currently supplies over two thousand people in the area with power, in 2008, the company also increased its capacity of adding more generation  plant by constructing Nyagak dam which makes the company now to produce 3.5 meg watts for the region. The speaker of Arua central division, Rashul Osugga added that the company is expected to pay ground rent on each  electricity poles of 20,000 for each pole every year to the council which the management of the company has not pay for the last two years. 


The General Manager of west Nile rural electrification company, Kenneth Kigundu urged the council authority of Arua central division to documents the claims of the demands and submit to their office. 

 Kenneth Kigundu - The General Manager of west Nile rural electrification company Speaking


The Uganda electricity distribution company limited has an operation and maintenance agreement with west Nile rural electrification company [WENERECO] in UEDCL extended grid in West Nile concession area. The agreement   provides for supervision and monitoring of the network on behalf of the government of Uganda [GOU].

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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