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05 Jan

In recent events unfolding in Madi Okollo District, West Nile, leaders have expressed deep concern and condemnation over the alleged brutality of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement officers. 

The incident on January 4th, 2024, resulted in one fatality and three injuries, prompting local authorities to speak out against what they perceive as a troubling pattern of excessive force.

During a press briefing, David Agbara, the Okollo Town Council LC3 chairman, strongly condemned the perceived high-handedness of URA field officers, blaming their operations for the senseless killing of innocent locals.

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The Woman Member of Parliament, Joanne Aniku Okia, also condemned the brutal conduct of URA officers and expressed concern over the incident.

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Expressing their outrage during a press briefing, Madi Okollo District leaders, led by David Agbara, the Okollo Town council LC3 chairman, strongly condemned what they described as the "continued high-handedness" of URA field officers. They lamented the senseless killing of innocent locals and called for accountability.

Joanne Aniku Okia, the Woman Member of Parliament for Madi Okollo district, joined the chorus of condemnation, highlighting the brutal conduct of URA officers. 

Hon. Aniku revealed that she had engaged in discussions with URA Commissioner General Moses Musinguzi, who pledged to send a team led by Col. 

Eyewitnesses, including Atiku Patrick, the councilor of Ogoko sub-county, and Jackson Bandung, a concerned youth, provided chilling details of the incident. Atiku described the scene as "despicable," with victims left in critical condition, while Bandung demanded URA cover all burial expenses and compensate affected families.

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The official police statement released by Nebbi Hospital confirmed the death of Acidri Moses and the injuries sustained by Patience Atizuyo, Opari Derrick, and Hope Night. Acidri Moses, shot in the stomach, passed away on Monday evening after being referred to Nebbi Main Hospital.

One of the Victims of the shootings

History of URA Incidents in West Nile Region

This tragic event is not an isolated incident, as it marks the third such occurrence in less than three months in the West Nile region. Previous incidents include the loss of a 70-year-old woman in Arua city and the fatal shooting of a boda boda rider in Koboko district during URA operations.

The local community is demanding justice and accountability. Jackson Bandung insisted that URA cover all expenses related to the incident, compensate affected families, and promote proper education on tax importance rather than resorting to lethal force.

Mayor David Agbara criticized the enforcement team's actions, stating that they harken back to outdated practices. He appealed to the URA commissioner to regulate tax collection enforcement, especially in rural communities.


This incident adds to a troubling pattern of excessive force used by URA enforcement officers, leading to injuries and fatalities. Previous cases, documented since 2021, depict a recurring theme of confrontations, accidents, and loss of life during URA operations.

As Madi Okollo mourns the loss of yet another resident due to URA actions, the community, leaders, and concerned citizens are calling for a thorough investigation, accountability, and a reassessment of URA's enforcement strategies. The tragic incidents underscore the urgent need for reforms within the URA to ensure the safety of citizens and foster a more balanced approach to tax enforcement.

BY: Matata Benzamin & Igwera Alinda Moses, dailywestnile.info 
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