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06 Feb

As Uganda commemorates the 43rd Tarehe Sita, the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) stationed in the West Nile Region have reaffirmed their dedication to fostering peace and security for the local population.

The pledge was made during a ceremony held on February 6th, 2024, at the military headquarters of West Nile in Arua City.

Lt. Col. Nathan Bainomugisha, the Regional Brigade Commander 409, emphasized the UPDF's unwavering stance against any threats to civilian safety.

"We will never allow any insecurity intruder to disturb the civilians," he declared, urging the community to seek their assistance whenever needed.

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Echoing this commitment, Major Maxwell Mutungi, the Commanding Officer of the 55th Infantry Battalion based in Arua Military Barracks, emphasized the UPDF's duty to protect both civilians and their property, regardless of the circumstances. 

"Come sunshine or rain, we will stand by our pledge to safeguard the community," he affirmed.


Geoffrey Okiswa, the Resident District Commissioner for Arua District, stressed the importance of collaboration between the UPDF and civilians in the pursuit of peace.

"Total cooperation between the UPDF and civilians is essential to unite in the fight for peace," Okiswa stated, underscoring the significance of unity in achieving collective security goals.


However, amidst the assurances of security, Hon. Malone Avutia, the Mayor of Ayivu Division, made a poignant appeal to the forces to extend their protection to the local business community. 

Avutia emphasized the critical role of businesses in generating revenue for the government and urged the UPDF to ensure their safety.


The commemorations of the 43rd Tarehe Sita revolve around the theme of "celebrating the people's struggle for unity, security, and peace for socioeconomic transformation." 

This theme encapsulates the ongoing efforts of both the UPDF and the civilian population to build a prosperous and peaceful society in the region.

The commitment of the UPDF to uphold peace and security in West Nile Region is a testament to the dedication of Uganda's defense forces to serve and protect the interests of the people. As the nation moves forward, cooperation between the military, government, and civilians will remain vital in ensuring a future of stability and prosperity for all.

BY: Matata Benzamin, Dailywestnile.org 
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