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10 Nov

The security officials from the two East African Community member countries of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo have agreed to unite in fighting the boarder insecurity as well as promote peace full trade at the border of the two countries. 

This was reveled to Dailywestnile.info During a border security meeting at Blue Dove Hotel in Arua city as the deputy resident city commissioner of Arua City in charge of Ayivu, Ismail Masaba noted that some criminals that uses numberless motorcycles has been taking advantage of the boarder security laxity to easily sneak out of Uganda. 

According to him, this has led to increase in cross boarder crimes in Uganda as the boarder insecurity tends to make the criminals to cross to Neighboring country Congo to seek for refuge.

He therefore, appealed to the authority of Democratic Republic of Congo no to  not entertains such cases.


The Uganda people defense force brigade commander 409 Col. Ben Ssewanda appealed to the security officials to join them in ensuring peace between the two countries.


The administration Aru Temtonal in Democratic RepublIc of Congo l, Col Richard Bambi says peace is key aspect of Life, therefore as the security they should mentain it.

Col Richard Bambi


Some of the issues Uganda security in particular west Nile is struggling is the illegal smuggle of fuel from the democratic Republic of Congo.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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