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15 Nov

In a span of just three days, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement team has been involved in two fatal incidents, resulting in the loss of lives in Arua City and Koboko District, West Nile. The incidents have sparked outrage and calls for immediate action. 

The first tragedy unfolded in Koboko last Friday, claiming the life of 24-year-old Jackson Geriga from Menya village, Ponura parish, Lobule sub-county. Geriga was fatally shot by the URA enforcement team during their operations. 

Similarly, on Tuesday evening in Arua City, tragedy struck again as Margret Ondia, a resident of Ayoo village in Adra parish, Offaka sub-county, Madi Okollo district, lost her life in an accident during a URA enforcement operation. The URA vehicles allegedly blocked half of the road next to Rhema hospital, leading to a fatal accident that claimed Ondia's life and left two others hospitalized. 

The injured individuals, Patrick Bulea and Chandiru Beatrice, are currently receiving medical attention AT Arua Regional Referral Hospital. 

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In the aftermath of these incidents, a heated meeting was convened in the office of the Deputy Resident City Commissioner, chaired by Ezama Ham Muzamil. Resolutions were reached, including an immediate halt to URA field operations until a high-level meeting with the Commissioner General scheduled for this week. 

Other resolutions include URA's commitment to support the bereaved family with burial expenses and the financial burden of caring for the hospitalized individuals. The police have been tasked with conducting a thorough investigation into the incidents, with a specific focus on the actions of URA officers and drivers involved. 

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Reacting to the tragic events, Ronald Debo, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Arua City, expressed concern over the recurring incidents involving URA enforcement operations in the region. He called on URA to find alternative, less disruptive means of tax collection. 

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In response to the accusations, Colonel Cassette Wamundu, the Head of Intelligence at URA, assured that the organization would support the family with burial expenses. He also emphasized URA's commitment to cooperate fully with the ongoing police investigations. 

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These recent incidents add to a concerning pattern of clashes between URA enforcement teams and the local communities in West Nile. The past incidents, including fatalities and injuries, underscore the need for a comprehensive review of URA's enforcement strategies to prevent further loss of lives and promote a more harmonious tax collection approach in the region. The community and stakeholders await the outcomes of the ongoing investigations and the proposed high-level meeting.

A video Footage on how the accident Happened 

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