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04 Aug

In a bid to combat the rampant drug abuse among the youth in Arua District, a group of 42 transformed individuals has taken the initiative to spearhead a powerful campaign against the scourge. 

The Transformed Youth Group, formerly consumers of drugs like Marungi, opium, and cigarettes, is now working tirelessly to transform the lives of their peers by promoting healthier lifestyles. 

Their efforts have garnered support from local stakeholders and international organizations alike, making a significant impact in the fight against drug abuse in the area.

In a recent gathering at Ayelembe in Vurra Sub County, Norbert Awuyo, the spokesperson for the Transformed Youth Group, highlighted the importance of the government's support in their campaign.

He explained that the group's mission is to help youth who have succumbed to alcohol, Marungi, and marijuana consumption, among other substances.


Financial assistance from the government would further empower their efforts and reach more at-risk youth. Gordon Cenika, the chairperson of the Transformed Youth Group, expressed their determination to transform the lives of even more youth in the community.

Through awareness programs, counseling sessions, and rehabilitation initiatives, they aim to break the cycle of drug abuse and create a healthier environment for young people.


Humphrey Ceasor Asia, one of the group members, shared his inspiring journey of overcoming drug addiction. After quitting the consumption of harmful substances, he now channels his energy into positive activities, serving as a role model for others in the community.

Humphrey Ceasor Asia, one of the group members, shared his inspiring


Alfred Okuonzi, the local council chairperson of Arua, praised the group's dedication to the cause. He assured them that the government would lend a hand in their efforts, acknowledging their crucial role in combating drug abuse in the area.


As of 2023, drug abuse remains a significant concern in Arua District. Despite the efforts of the Transformed Youth Group and other stakeholders, the issue persists, impacting the lives of many young individuals and the community as a whole.

The consumption of substances such as alcohol, Marungi (a local plant with psychoactive properties), and marijuana continues to be prevalent among the youth in the area. These substances pose serious health risks and have detrimental effects on physical and mental well-being, leading to addiction, cognitive impairment, and an increased likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors.


While the Transformed Youth Group has made strides in raising awareness and providing support to those seeking rehabilitation, the scale of the problem is vast, and resources for intervention and treatment may still be limited. The government's support, both financially and through policy initiatives, remains crucial in bolstering the fight against drug abuse in Arua District.

Dr. Denis, UNFPA, Speaking to the Group Members


It is essential for the authorities to collaborate with local organizations and international partners like the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to implement comprehensive and evidence-based strategies to address drug abuse. This may include investing in education and prevention programs, increasing access to quality healthcare for individuals struggling with addiction, and creating economic opportunities to reduce the factors that drive vulnerable youth towards substance abuse.


Furthermore, community involvement and support are paramount in tackling drug abuse. Initiatives like the Transformed Youth Group play a pivotal role in inspiring positive change and providing peer support for those seeking help. By working together, community members, local leaders, and organizations can create a more resilient and supportive environment for young individuals, deterring them from falling into the trap of drug abuse.

However, it is important to recognize that the fight against drug abuse is an ongoing battle, and progress may take time. Continued dedication, resources, and collaboration are necessary to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people in Arua District and to create a safer and healthier community for everyone.

BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO, Dailywestnile.info 
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