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02 Jan

Private Franco Okwei, a Uganda People Defense Force [UPDF] soldier who shot  a 19 years old boy identified as Jimmy, a resident of Etori, Awika parish, Arivu sub county   at Bondo army barrack at Bondo on Christmas day has been arrested.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Arua, Mr. Hamza Ezama explained that the UPDF solider, known as Okwei shot the young boy Jimmy purposely after refusing to go  and buy for him Alcohol, he further revealed that the boy told the said UPDF solidier he cannot   go and buy alcohol because he was from church unto which which he (Franco the soldier man) instantly  shot him, by the time they wanted to rush with Jimmy to Kuluva Hospital for treatment unfortunately he passed on the way.


There  was chaos after the incidences but later the district leaders intervened and  calmed  the situation but the community presented a budget of 16 million shilling for the burial of the deceased which the UPDF fraternity  raised only 2.5 Ugx. 

The local council chairperson of the Arua district, warned the UPDF soldier for the continues killing of civilians in the area 


Since 2018 up to 2022, there has been a record of 4 killings of civilians by Uganda people defense forces in the area.

BY: FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info 
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