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04 Nov

Residents of Arua city have expressed their anger over the delayed commencement of the construction works at the current dilapidated Enyau one and two bridges. 

The site which was handed over a month ago to the constructor Neema Construction still remains the same as it were at the time of handover ceremony. 

The two bridges are Enyau one that connects Awindiri Pajulu and Enyau one, Odianyadri, Nile high school   border Republic of Congo roads.

As of 04th/10/2022, Arua city and Arua district authorities handed over the site of the bridge to Neem establishment limited, the constructor for constructions.

However, up to date as of 4th November 2022 - a month later, the construction works have not started. 

Achieve Photo - Hand Over Ceremony as of 4/10/22

Habib Asuma, one of the residents of Pajulu expressed his anger over the state of the construction as he paused a rhetoric of as to whether the leaders of both entities want all the residents of the area   to get drawn in the river in order for them to start the construction of  the bridges.


Precious Obomba, a resident of Okaliba cell in Pajulu BAT in Ayivu division similarly says that the bridge is in terrible state, urging the leaders to hurry with the work to avoid accident that may occur very soon on the bridge.

She also expressed a concern over the sorry state of the bridge which is upholding as per the continues rains in the region. She further added that, there is a high possibility that soon the dilapidated bridge may be carried away soon if its left un attended to.


One of the residents of Arua city identified as Huda Munawara says that the bridge is now unpassable.


Key to note about the dilapidated Enyau Bridge is that it stands on account to have been delayed over the years.

The money for the construction of Enyau Pajulu Awindiri Bridge has been returned to the treasury for three times consecutive financial years due to design concerns.

The secretary for works technical services for Arua district, Luizi Chandini call upon the residents to remains calm as they are working out on the issue to start the constructions as soon as possible.

Luizi Chandini - The sec for works tech services for Arua 


During the hand over of the construction site as of 4th October 2022, the executive director of Neem Establishment limited, Edward Muyingo had promised on behalf of the company to start the work immediately.

The two bridges of Enyau one that connects Awindiri Pajulu, Ezova Olumini community and Enyau two that connects Odianyadri via Nile high to DR Congo are ear marked for constructions under Uganda support for infrastructural development ]USMID] Worth Ugx 5.6 billion for a period of three years.  

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