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23 Nov

Over a three-day community sensitization program across select communities in the West Nile Region, law enforcement officers urged residents to steer clear of mob action, substance abuse, and cross-border crimes. The initiative, spanning from November 15th to November 17th, strategically targeted communities based on prevalent crime rates. Led by key figures such as Regional Police Spokesperson SSP Angucia Josephine, Child and Family Protection Unit Head SSP Angomoko Emily, and Community Liaison Officer SP Asea Collins, among others, the program engaged locals in discussions addressing prevalent crimes and legal procedures. 

In Lobule Subcounty, Koboko district, attendees, including refugees and host communities, tackled issues of mob justice, theft, substance abuse, and various sex and child-related offenses. Police emphasized managing and preventing these crimes, highlighting the perils of mob justice and guiding residents on legal processes. 

At Odramacaku Trading Center in Ayivu West Division, Arua City, neighboring DR Congo, discussions revolved around cross-border crimes like theft, smuggling, and violence. The community received guidance on crime prevention and the importance of cooperation with law enforcement, particularly due to the area's vulnerability to serious crimes. 

Vurra Customs in Arua District, also bordering DR Congo, grappled with cross-border crimes, substance abuse, and ignorance of legal procedures. Police educated locals on reporting crimes, averting mob justice, combating substance abuse, and fostering harmonious coexistence among the diverse population. 

Throughout these sessions, community members were advised to utilize governmental offices for dispute resolution. Civil matters were directed to local administrative offices and civil courts, while criminal cases were urged to be reported to police stations for proper management and pursuit through the legal system. 

Emphasis was placed on understanding police bond, its availability, and the importance of following cases through to court judgment. Additionally, the public was encouraged to maintain contacts with relevant law enforcement offices for timely sharing of information during emergencies. 

SSP Angucia Josephine, the PRO of West Nile Region, emphasized the commitment of the police force to serve communities professionally and encouraged dissatisfied individuals to report grievances to higher police offices for better resolution. This proactive community policing initiative aims to prepare the region for a peaceful festive season and will continue in other areas based on the nature of prevalent crimes, fostering a safer environment for all residents.

By: Alinda Moses Igwera, Dailywestnile.info 
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