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23 Nov

Nebbi District is reeling from a devastating incident as the territorial police delve into a heart-wrenching murder case. Ogwokpacu Uvon Jacky, a 59-year-old Alur tribesman and peasant farmer from Gosi village, Pajur parish, Erussi sub-county, fell victim to a suspected murder allegedly perpetrated by five individuals. 

The chilling account traces back to past events when the deceased was purportedly ousted from Gosi village on accusations of practicing witchcraft. Seeking refuge in another village, he left behind personal belongings in his former semi-permanent residence. Tragedy struck on November 21, 2023, when Ogwokpacu returned to collect his remaining possessions from his previous home. 

Upon arrival, he discovered two individuals in the process of dismantling his former dwelling, prompting him to raise an alarm, suspecting them of theft. Rather than face apprehension, the two culprits fled the roof, joined swiftly by three others who had been lurking nearby. A harrowing chase ensued, with the deceased, accompanied by two young children, fleeing for safety. 

Unfortunately, they caught up with Ogwokpacu at river Alala, where he met a brutal fate, sustaining multiple cuts to his head, hands, back, fingers, and neck before being callously disposed of in the river. The perpetrators fled in an unknown direction, leaving a community in shock and mourning. 

The police swiftly intervened, initiating a murder investigation by examining the crime scene, documenting evidence, and gathering statements from witnesses. Recovering the victim's body from the water, law enforcement transferred it to Nebbi General Hospital, pending a postmortem examination. As of now, no arrests have been made, although authorities possess the identities of the suspects. 

The investigation, under Nebbi CRB 718/2023, remains ongoing. SSP Angucia Josephine, PRO of West Nile Region, urged the public to refrain from taking matters into their own hands, emphasizing collaboration with law enforcement to apprehend and bring the suspects to justice. This tragic incident sheds light on the grave consequences of superstition and vigilantism, underscoring the imperative need for community cooperation and reliance on legal processes to address grievances rather than resorting to violence.

BY: Alinda Moses Igwera Dailywestnile.info 
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