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17 Dec

An exclusive revelation to the dailywestnile.info news desk has it that Most marriages in west Nile sub region are illegal. 

Speaking to our reporter on Thursday 15th/12/2022, the head of Uganda registration service bureau for the region, William Draku  revealed that  they have only registered about ten  official marriages in a month and yet so many wedding takes place over the weekends 

Uganda has got several forms of recognized marriages, these are customary church, Muslim, civil and Hindu, meanwhile the customary marriages is effected by the sub county chief or town clerk of the area where it took place and a customary certificate is duly signed and issued by the sub county chief.

This certificate is however is to be registered with Uganda registration service Bureau. 

The deputy registrar of judicial service commission [JSC], Samuel   Mugisa says any customary  marriage that are not register are consider illegal that exposes the people who use it into risks of losing their  claims of  properties in case one of them passes on.


The prime minister of Lugbara Kari, Ismail Tuku explained that as the leaders of Lugbara Kari they also issue certificate of marriage and the proceed to the Uganda registration of service Bureau for the confirmation of the marriage.


The bishop of Arua Pentecostal church, John Babu similar says that as the church   they ensure that the marriage is being consent by the parents [cultural] government before uniting the two partners.


The regional secretary for Uganda Muslim supreme council, Habib Aluma also says that as the Muslim fraternity they  ensure the marriage couples obtained both certificate of marriage from the Muslim office and the Uganda registration service Bureau[URSB].


Nelson Musale one of the married couples testified that he obtained two certificate from the church and Uganda registration service Bureau [URSB]


The aims of the marriage registration is  a save guard for spousal benefits like insurance, pension, citizenship, immigration, emigration, family resettlement as well as inheritance of estate upon demises of a spouse. 

Marriage records provided by URSB by marriage celebrants are used to compile a marriage data bank.

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