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17 Dec

Journalists in Arua city have been tasked to take up the lead in enlightening the public about their rights to accessing quality judicial Services.

The appeal was made by Samuel Mugisha, the Deputy Registrar Judicial service Commission during an engagement meeting with journalists at Arua court Hall on Wednesday. 

Mugisha challenged Journalists to develop a passion for Law and Justice to be able to clearly highlight the challenges faced in Justice Dispensation.

Mugisha  emphasized that being key players who are always on ground, Journalists have the potential to unearth Challenges to accessing Justice that seem difficult for an ordinary person.

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Mugisha said that though there are plans underway to establish a toll free call center the public should continue to seek and contact judicial service commission on issues pertaining to challenges of accessing justice. 

Juliet Kayondo, the Principal Assistant Secretary Judicial Service Commission tasked the journalist to go  out and echo the roles of Judicial service Commission by sensitizing the Masses so that they are able to  benefit from the commissions services.

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The public was also advised to always exhaust and make use of the lower and closest alternative dispute and Conflict resolution mediums like the Local council Village Mediation courts.

Under the Constitution Act, Judicial Service Commission is among others mandated to act as  a link between people and Judiciary and also prepares and implements programs for Dissemination of Information to Judicial officers and the public about law and Justice administration.

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