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31 Oct

With over five years existence of high quality Ophthalmologists services (Eye care unit services) in Arua City, Med Optics Limited has launched a multi million and fully equipped Ophthalmologists unity in Arua City at the current renovated former center.  

While commissioning the new unit at the current renovated establishment, the management of med-optic together with the Arua central division council authority officially commissioned new branch of med-optic in Arua city for west Nile sub region. 

The new branch of the med-optic that was launched on Monday 31st/10/2022 is expected to handle eyes complication services for the people in the sub region.

while addressing the journalists   during the launch, the optometrist working with Med-optic Arua branch, Dr Timothy Bagase explained that they have brought in all the eye equipment that are necessarily  needed for eye cares in place.

He also further reveled to the public on the latest state of art equipment in place at the center as they have acquired and installed a Visual Field analyzer which according to him is the only working Visual field analyzer outside Kampala. 

Pic of The New Installed Visual Filed Analyzer at Med Optics


The division mayor of Arua central, Khemis Muzaid appreciated the management of Med-optic for bringing eye services closer to the people of the region.

He also appreciated Med Optics for having offered employment to the city and sound out more on the compliancy level of the center.

In center - Muzaid Khemis Speaking to Dailywestnile.info 


The services that the med-optic is expected to handle under the upgraded center are; Computerized eye examination, optometrist Consultation or ophthalmologists according to ones needs,  the center under its new facelift and equipment status shall also provide lenses to the people who are having some slight eye problems. 

The principle clinical officer and the acting head of department of ophthalmologist in Arua referral hospital revealed that they receives over 20 patients that comes for eye problem  in the hospital   on daily basis.

Joel With Members Cutting Cake For The Launch 


The Med-optic Arua branch has been in an existence for the last five years but it has been renovated and now more equipment were brought in the center.

Med-Optics is a private company that was established in 2002 to provide a high standard of quality eye care services. 

Over the years, Med optics have established themselves as the leading provider of Optometry and Ophthalmic services in Uganda.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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