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23 Nov

Leaders in Arua city worry over the insecurity threats caused by grass hoppers season. 

The Local Council one Chairperson of Upper Bibia cell in Pangisa ward - Arua central division Ivan Shukuru revealed that his LC I office has received so many cases of rape, defilement, kidnaps of children during this grass hoppers season   by unknown persons as 

’’ many residents in the area comes out to collect grass hoppers from as early as 7:00AM and go back homes very late in the night while other people are taking advantage to do such evil’’ says Ivan Shukuru 

.He appealed to the city council authority of Arua to enact Bi-law to prevent the increasing cases of insecurity during grass hoppers season.


Most area of Arua city are being lite with grass hoppers light a new method of grass hoppers collection that was introduced to the place two years ago.

The Local Council one chairperson of Nsambia North cell Awindiri ward, Muzamil Oryema noted that last year many children got unwanted pregnancy during grass hoppers season.


The deputy speaker of Arua Central Division, Mr. Victor Vidal Lomori says that he also received similar report of insecurity caused by grass hoppers in his area, therefore as council they shall develop a bi-law to regulate the movement during the collection of grass hoppers.


The Public Relation Officer of Police for west Nile sub region, Josephine   Angucia accepted that is true, the police have registered such cases of insecurity in this period of grass hoppers season and they are planning for an operation on the matter.


Grass hoppers has become a lucrative business in Arua city with some of  them  been imported into the city from different part of West Nile districts and also transported to Kampala  Capital city 

Its estimated some of the women trading on the grass hoppers make a profit of over 40,000 Ug shs per day.

STORY BY: ABAS HAMZA - Dailywestnile.info
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