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10 Oct

As Uganda celebrates her 60th  independence Anniversary from the colonial rule since 1962 -2022, residents of Arua and West Nile sub region are very angry   over shortage of electricity power supply in the sub region. Alhaji Issa Kato, the former mayor of Arua city says that it is very sad for the region to be in darkness since colonial up to date and yet the country has attained her independence 60 years ago. 

Alhaji Issa Kato, the former mayor of Arua city Speaking


On January 15th/1948, the Uganda electricity board [UEB] was established with the British, Charles Westlakes as the chairman, meanwhile in 2003 rural electrification company, through bidding won a concession to generate, distribute, and sell power electricity in the West Nile sub region, consisting of eight mother districts by then (13 districts as of now 2022) and home to an estimated of 2.3 million people. Patrick paddy Awia 57 years old ,a resident of  Abirichi cell in Ayivu division, Arua city  explained that the charges of power in the sub area is very high which many people in the sub region cannot afford, therefore the current government  should subsidize the cost of power purchase  and work hard on connecting the sub region to national grid. 


Appearing before the committee of parliament on Environment On natural resources over the issue of erratic power supply in the area the minister for Energy and mineral development, on Ruth Nankabira promised that the region will be connected to national grid in2023  The area Member of Parliament for Arua central, Hon Jackson Atima Lee appealed to the people of the area to calm down as they await the connectivity of the area to the national grid. 

The area Member of Parliament for Arua central - Hon Jackson Atima Lee


Uganda celebrates the 60th independence anniversary celebrations with the theme; A declaration of African Independence and our shared Destiny.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - dailywestnile.info
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