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06 Jun

Koboko Municipality, located in Uganda, has been honored with the prestigious title of the best city for inclusion and mobility in the Horn of Africa. 

The recognition came at the 2023 Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility: Regional Network and Development event held in Koboko Municipality at the prestigious Country Motel. 

The award is a testament to the municipality's remarkable efforts in creating an inclusive and accessible urban environment for both displaced populations and host communities.

Authorities Pose For A Photo at Lasanga HC III

From Left to right - EU, Cities Alliance, Koboko Leaders & Other Regional Stake Holders from other Secondary Cities and Municipalities in the Horn Of Africa Pose For A Photo In front of Lasanga Health Center III - One of the Facilities that Proves Koboko's worth  

The accolade was granted as part of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF): Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility project, which aims to address the challenges posed by urban displacement and urbanization in the Horn of Africa region. 

A Happy Mother Poses for a pic with a nurse at Lasanga HC III

The project focuses on fostering regional dialogue, peer networks, and knowledge exchange to improve the lives of displaced persons and promote equality among communities.

Koboko Municipality stood out among other cities in the region due to its strong commitment to strengthening the inclusion and participation of displaced persons in urban settings. 

The municipality has implemented innovative strategies to enhance livelihoods and provide access to quality basic services for both refugees and the local population.

Learners Gbukutu Islamic Orphanage infront of the block constructed CRFF

The European Union, through the European Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, provided financial support for the project. 

With a contribution of EUR 8,200,000, the initiative has been able to implement various pilot actions aimed at supporting urban areas with limited basic services and a high concentration of refugees.

Happy Learners of Nyagilia Sec Inside the constructed Library & ICT Block

The recognition of Koboko Municipality as the best city for inclusion and mobility reflects the tireless efforts of the local government and its partners, including the International Rescue Committee and Cities Alliance. 

The municipality's approach to urban development has resulted in improved living conditions, increased economic opportunities, and reduced disparities between displaced persons and host communities.

Koboko Municipality's achievement highlights the importance of collaboration, dialogue, and the exchange of best practices among cities facing similar challenges. 

Inclusive Urban Dev'pt & Mobility – Regional Network & Dialogue Delegates

The regional network and dialogue facilitated by the CRRF project have played a crucial role in promoting innovation, learning, and the adoption of inclusive urban development strategies. 

As secondary cities in developing countries bear the brunt of the global refugee crisis, Koboko Municipality's success story serves as an inspiration for other cities grappling with similar circumstances.

By prioritizing the well-being and safety of displaced populations, Koboko Municipality has set a commendable example for the entire Horn of Africa region.

The award-winning municipality has proven that through comprehensive urban planning, participatory strategies, and a focus on delivering quality services, cities can effectively address the needs of both displaced persons and host communities. 

Koboko Municipality's recognition is a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to create inclusive, sustainable, and resilient cities in the face of the complex challenges posed by urban displacement in the Horn of Africa.

According to Malish Bonjira Amus the Executive of the South Sudanese Refugee Association (SSURA), 

This award only comes to put to effect the great works and the collaborations the municipality has had with key non state players like SSURA and other organizations that, over the years, have grown to be the key champions of development through project interventions in the municipality.

Center - Mr. Malis Bonjira - ED SSURA

With such a great international recognition, the political wing of Koboko Municipality, under the leadership of the Mayor and his entire Municipal Authority, is said to be a result of the concerted incorporation of the Municipal Development Plan, which the Municipality had mapped and sold out to aid coordinated development, said Mayor Mr. Sanya.

Mrs. Sumbua Naima - Koboko Civil Society Network

As a factual basis for the above statements, the Head of Civil Society in Kobobo, Mrs. Naima Nsumbua in her comment, accords the good will of the municipality in aiding the smooth operations of the civil society as well as points to the great support offered by the key implementing agencies such as ACAOVE and the other 8 CBOs under this project.

In Pic from Left Eyotaru Lillian Bhoka - Grants & Compliance Specialist (ACAV) & on the right Mr. Malish - ED SSURA

The Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility - Regional Network and Development event provided a platform for secondary cities in the region to exchange experiences and learn from best practices. The dialogue facilitated innovation and promoted the adoption of effective strategies to provide better services to vulnerable populations in urban areas.

The winning of the above award places Koboko Municipality as the automatic recipient of the key to the award, which includes more funding from the EU.

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