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19 Oct

In a thrilling display of athleticism and talent, Koboko District triumphed in a recent athletics competition organized by the Westnile Rural Electrification Company (Wenreco). Wenreco, the power distributor for the Westnile sub-region, spearheaded this event to unearth and nurture budding sporting talents across the region.The competition took place at Mvara Senior Secondary School, drawing participants from eleven districts, including Pakwach, Obongi, Arua, Adjumani, Moyo, Zombo, Madi Okollo, Yumbe, Maracha, Nebbi, and Arua City, the sole city within the region. 

These athletes, ranging from primary to secondary school levels, were identified with the assistance of various district sports officers from within the Westnile jurisdiction.The participants showcased their skills in a range of track and field events, such as the 100 meters run, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, and two relay races, among others.

During the press briefing preceding the competition, Wangoic Judith, the Public Relations Officer for Wenreco

Emphasized the primary goal of this initiative: to discover and support young talents in Westnile, enabling them to compete nationally and even internationally. She noted that many young talents often fade away due to a lack of support, and Wenreco's involvement was aimed at rectifying this situation and giving back to the community.

Wangoic Judith, the Public Relations Officer for Wenreco

Kenneth Kigumba, the General Manager of Wenreco, made a resounding commitment to promoting talent in Westnile. 

He assured that this initiative would persist as long as Wenreco operates in the region, with the intention of nurturing and supporting local talents, ensuring they flourish rather than go unnoticed in their respective locales.

Kenneth Kigumba, the General Manager of Wenreco

Kalsum Abdul Fadhmula, the Secretary for Social Works in Arua City, expressed her gratitude to Wenreco for embarking on this commendable journey. She called upon the community to rally behind and support Wenreco, ensuring the sustainability of this initiative.

(infront) Kalsum Abdul Fadhmula, the Secretary for Social Works in Arua City

Meanwhile, Shida Leni, the chief runner at the event, encouraged the participants to embrace education alongside their sporting pursuits. She highlighted the importance of combining talent with education as it is often in schools that talents are identified by various stakeholders. She also extended her appreciation to Wenreco for taking the initiative to promote talent in Westnile and underlined how many Ugandans have become self-employed by capitalizing on their talents.

Shida Leni, The chief runner at the event

In the overall competition results, Koboko emerged as the champions with a total of 137 points, closely followed by Arua City with 132 points. Nebbi secured the third position with 75 points, while Yumbe and Maracha came in fourth and fifth place with 63 and 54 points, respectively. The remaining rankings were as follows: Zombo in sixth place with 36 points, Madi Okollo in seventh with 34 points, Adjumani in eighth with 29 points, Moyo in ninth with 19 points, Arua in tenth with 13 points, Obongi in eleventh with 10 points, and Pakwach in twelfth with 2 points.Koboko District's victory and the overwhelming success of this athletics competition have undoubtedly brought to light the immense talent that exists in the Westnile region, and Wenreco's unwavering commitment to nurturing these talents promises a bright future for these young athletes.

By Alinda Moses Dailywestnile.info 
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