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17 May

We are humbled to report that the aspiring Youth MP for Northern Uganda, Hon. Aldo Adomati, has proudly raised the Ugandan flag in Denmark. 

Hon. Adomati presented a groundbreaking position paper outlining a wish-list agenda for strategic Denmark-Africa relations during an exclusive boardroom meeting with 17 African youths drawn from various countries.

As one of the highly formal meet-up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, Aldo, along with four other African youths from Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda, was selected to represent the concrete demands of African youths to Hon. Dan Jørgensen, the Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy. 

The team presented the voices of African youth on issues pertaining to the seven priorities of the AU 2063 Agenda, as seen in the document below;

Copy Of the Position Paper That Was Delivered to The Minister

A vibrant and aspiring youth MP, Aldo Adomati has been liberal and formal in articulating various problems related to youth empowerment. He has been instrumental in creating linkages for the Northern Region to provide a platform for youth ideas. 

Aldo is currently in Denmark, attending the DUF Partnership Seminar—a high-level event organized by the Danish Youth Council aimed at fostering joint collaboration ideas on funding youth-based policies.

Aspiring Youth MP Northern Uga - Hon. Aldo  Delivering the Key Priorities Of the African Youth in The Foreign Affairs Ministry Office - Copenhagen

During an online interview, Hon. Aldo emphasized the need for more European engagements to uplift Northern Uganda, a region plagued by poverty, an influx of urban refugees, and economic crises.

Who is Aldo Adomati?

Aldo Adomati is a young, vibrant, and fast-rising Ugandan youth leader who aspires to be the Youth MP for Northern Uganda. 

Coming from a humble background, Aldo’s journey to becoming an influential youth leader has been shaped by the hardships he faced in accessing basic education. He aims to be a change agent, creating more spaces for youth to meaningfully participate in society.

Previously, Aldo has been a champion of youth empowerment in the region, having co-created platforms such as Host Hub and currently running the CSO Hub in Arua. 

As a climate action advocate, Aldo was internationally recognized in Turkey at the 2021 SDG Champion Awards for the Best Climate Action Campaign, "Go Green," which utilized the model farmer approach to engage refugee and host communities in the West Nile region. Over 80,000 trees were planted as part of this campaign.

Aldo has represented key issues affecting the youth on various local and international platforms, demonstrating his commitment to driving positive change for the youth in Northern Uganda.

Hon. Aldo Adomati’s visit to Denmark marks a significant step in enhancing Denmark-Africa relations and addressing the critical issues facing African youth. 

His efforts and ideas continue to inspire and empower the youth of Northern Uganda and beyond, at a time when the youth form the majority of the population in Uganda of about 77%.

BY: Anwangkani Franco - Dailywestnile.info 
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