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31 Jan

In a landmark collaboration between the Ugandan government and the Westnile Rural Electrification Company (WENRECo), a transformative initiative has been launched to provide free electricity connections to over 3000 households in the Westnile region.

This program, set to span six months, aims to empower the local communities by bringing them into the realm of electrification.

Kenneth Kigumba, the General Manager of WENRECo, expressed enthusiasm about the project, highlighting that those living within a 30 to 35-meter radius of unprovided poles stand to benefit. 

The initiative will equip beneficiaries with essential components like meters and service cables, paving the way for enhanced access to electricity.

To take advantage of this initiative, interested parties must fill out the application forms available at WENRECo service offices and their official website. While the application forms are provided free of charge, a nominal fee of fifty-three thousand four hundred eighty-four shillings will be required for inspection and the provision of five preloaded units. This fee is to be deposited into the WENRECo bank account.

Kigumba emphasized the importance of using authorized service providers for internal wiring to ensure compliance with safety standards. 

Beneficiaries will be responsible for the associated fees, fostering a secure and reliable electrical infrastructure.

Kenneth Kigumba, the General Manager of WENRECo

Meanwhile, Wangoic Judith, the Public Relations Officer of WENRECo, shed light on the ongoing sensitization programs aimed at educating beneficiaries.

She urged residents to take ownership of the poles, particularly in areas prone to bush burning during the dry season. The initiative aims to prevent disruptions caused by falling trees and burned poles, thus ensuring a consistent power supply.

Judith also stressed the potential hazards associated with uncertified electricians, emphasizing the importance of employing qualified professionals to avoid accidents and property damage. 

Applicants are required to submit a photocopy of their national identity card, a wiring certificate from a certified electrician, and a map indicating the residence's location.

Wangoic Judith, the Public Relations Officer of WENRECo Speaking To Dailywestnile.info

The government's commitment to this initiative signals a broader effort to bring development projects to the Westnile region. If successfully implemented, this program could pave the way for additional projects, further benefiting the local communities.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the government and WENRECo stands as a promising step towards bridging the electricity gap in Westnile. 

The initiative not only promises access to free electricity but also underscores the importance of safety, compliance, and community involvement in sustainable development projects. 

As the region looks forward to a brighter and more electrified future, the success of this initiative could serve as a model for similar projects nationwide.

BY: Alinda Igwera, dailywestnile.info 
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