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10 Oct

In a bid to uplift the lives of its citizens and combat poverty, the government of Uganda introduced the Parish Development Model (PDM) in 2022. This ambitious program was designed to channel much-needed financial support to the grassroots level, with each parish in the country expected to receive 100 million Ugandan Shillings. 

The vision was clear: empower individuals and communities to thrive by granting them access to financial resources for development projects. However, recent developments have raised concerns about the misuse and mismanagement of PDM funds. 

The State Minister for Land, Housing, and Urbanization, Hon. Mario Obiga Kania, who also serves as the Area Member of Parliament for Terego East, took a firm stand during his Independence Day address on October 9, 2023. Speaking to the people of Terego at Perea Primary School in Oriama Sub County, Terego District, he highlighted a pressing issue. 


"Parish Development Model funds are meant to transform our communities, but some individuals have strayed from the intended path," Minister Obiga noted. 

Hon Mario Obiga Kania Member of Parliament for Terego East, & The state minister for land housing and Urbanization

He expressed his deep concern about funds being misused, preventing others from benefiting from this vital program. The minister went on to take decisive action by ordering the arrest of those responsible for mismanaging these crucial funds. The mismanagement of PDM funds has not gone unnoticed by local authorities either. Winfred Saka, the Local Council Five Chairperson of Terego District, acknowledged that his office had received numerous complaints from the community.

Saka Wilfred LCV Chairperson Terego District Local Government 

These complaints pointed fingers at parish chiefs, accusing them of corruption and mishandling the PDM funds. Saka's dedication to ensuring transparency and accountability in the utilization of these funds is commendable. Her commitment to addressing these concerns demonstrates the importance of oversight and community engagement in the success of the PDM program. 


Further support for the PDM program came from the Resident District Commissioner of Terego District, Festus Ayikobua. He urged the residents of Terego to embrace and utilize the program properly to combat the rampant poverty in the area. Ayikobua emphasized that PDM funds are not handouts but an opportunity for self-sustained development. 

Each recipient is expected to receive 1 million Ugandan Shillings and return it with some interest, allowing more people to participate in the program. In conclusion, Uganda's Parish Development Model program holds immense potential to uplift communities and eradicate poverty at the grassroots level. 

However, the recent challenges of mismanagement and corruption must be addressed promptly to ensure the program's success. With the commitment of leaders like Minister Obiga, Chairperson Saka, and Commissioner Ayikobua, there is hope that PDM can truly become a beacon of hope for the people of Terego and beyond, leading the way to prosperity and development for all.

By Anwangkani Franco Dailywestnile.info
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