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25 Nov

Jackson Obindu the former aspirant of Member of Parliament for youth of Northern Uganda in 2020 during the National Resistance Movement party primary election is threatening to quit the party and join National Unity Platform (NUP).

While addressing journalists in Arua city on Thursday 23/11/2022, Jackson Obindu accused the General Secretary of National Resistance Movement party, Richard Todwong and the entire members of National Resistance Movement Party for having rigged his election.

He revealed that the general secretary for the party, Richard Todwong promised to give him a  job after his election in which they rigged but since then he has not received any positive Response from the National Resistance Government party secretariat and yet the loan he borrowed during the campaign is suffocating him.


The National Resistance Movement party primaries election for the Youth Member of Parliament for Northern Uganda region that took place on 10th/10/2020 had four aspirants  who  contested for the position, the aspirants were; Jackson Obindu from west Nile sub region, Boniface Okot from Acholi sub region, Nelson Mandela from Lango sub region, Simon Lubangakende   from Acholi of which Nelson Mandela from Lango sub region won with 213 votes and Jackson Obindu came second with 153 votes.

The general secretary for National Resistance Movement party Richard Todwong   refuted the allegations and appealed to Obindu to remain calm as they work out some help for him.


The National Unity Platform Party vice president for West Nile sub region   Lina Zedriga advised Jackson Obindu to follow the  right procedure if he  wants to join National Unity Platform Party.


On 14th /11/2022 Jackson wrote to the secretariat office of National Resistance Movement Party   over the matter but he did not get any positive response.

A Copy of Mr. Obindu Jackson's Letter To The Secretary Gen

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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