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19 Oct

The FDC Electoral Commission has officially announced the list of nominated candidates who will be vying for various positions within the Women League. In the elections which is ongoing. The party has promised that this election will be a competitive affair, with candidates competing for roles that will shape the direction of the Women League. Here is the breakdown of the candidates nominated for different positions: 

Chairperson Women League 

Achan Hellen 

Kisakye Agnes 

Vice Chairperson - East 

Mukembo Grace ,Eperu Sara ,Oyoda Ritah ,Namutozi Sauda Akwii  and

Shadama Juliet Agnes 

Vice Chairperson - Central 

Nalukwago Philista Sally 

Nanfuka Zam 

Vice Chairperson - North 

Kia Florence Elupu 

Alone Zabibu 

Vice Chairperson - Western 

Kabasiita Beatrice Adyeri 

Kemigisa Immaculate 

Secretary General 

Aboo Rosemary Olauba 

Nairuba Oliver 

Ronna Nakityo 

Treasurer General 

Agwang Beatrice 

Lunkuse Dorothy 

Nabikwase Racheal Hamiza 

Secretary for Research and Policy 

Akullu Judith Joan 

Nangobi Topista 

Legal, Human Rights, and Constitutional Affairs 

Salama Moite 

Oroma Janet 

Education, Sports, and Students 

Katende Namakulo 

Byuma Betty Tuuse 

Ayo Mercy 

Health and Environment 

Nyangoma Teddy 

Kabacubya Jackline 

Nayera Edith 

Letia Violet 

Secretary for Mobilisation 

Biira Esther (Unopposed) 

The elections are scheduled to take place Today October 19, 2023, at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi. The FDC Electoral Commission also went ahead with the nomination process for the Youth League candidates, setting the stage for a vibrant and closely-watched election. In the Youth League, the following candidates have been nominated for various positions: 

Youth League Chairperson Abeneitwe Manful, Adepo Francis,Nakabira Swabrah,Ocieng Boniface and Okot Fredrick Nauries 

Vice Chairperson - East 

Nakayenze Phiona 

Nakasita Hope Phoebe 

Sosojji Allan James 

Secretary General 

Atemo Mary Gorrety

Secretary for Mobilisation 

Omaje Moses 

Olila Bennard 

Nagwega Umar Rashid 

Ssebitosi Andrew 

Okwii Dennis 


Omunyin Remigio 

Olara Isaac 

Alupo Mercy Marion 

Ochieng Boniface 

Secretaries for Research and Publicity 

Mbaziira Abdurahman 

Patricia Elubu Ayoo 

Legal, Human Rights, and Constitutional Affairs 

Adiro Catherine Okot 

Irumba Patrick Mugerwa 

Ocen Lule 

Education, Sports, and Students 

Yiga Mustafah 

Magabo Derrick 

while Some of the positions remained unopposed in the Youth League: Vice Chairperson Central: Sserugga Ibrahim 

Secretary General Atemo Mary Gorrety

Vice Chairperson Northern: Onzima George 

Vice Chairperson Western: Bacwa Amos 

Women Youth League: Nansubuga Shamim 

Health and Environment: Muganzi Timothy 

The Youth League elections will also take place Toady October 19, 2023, at the FDC party headquarters in Najjanankumbi. These elections are expected to shape the leadership landscape within the FDC, with a keen focus on the role of women and youth in the party's future. Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes of these crucial elections

By  Musema Swali Dailywestnile.info 
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