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28 Jul

The Enyau Bridge construction project, a vital infrastructure development aimed at improving transportation in Arua City, has hit a major roadblock. The contractor, Niem Establishment Limited, responsible for the Enyau one and two bridges, is facing scrutiny from both Arua City and district authorities for allegedly sharing the same workers between the two sites. This practice has resulted in delays and is hindering the timely completion of the project.


During a recent site visit, the Resident District Officer of Arua, Geofrey Okiswa, expressed concern over the workforce allocation. He questioned the site engineer of Niem Establishment Limited, Fred Caku, seeking clarification on the issue of shared human resources. The concern raised by the authorities shines a spotlight on the construction company's management practices.


Arua City Mayor Hon. Wadri Sam Nyakua, echoed the concerns and ordered the contractor to employ additional workers specifically for each site. The aim is to have dedicated teams for Enyau one and two bridges, which should help expedite the project's progress and ensure timely completion.

Arua City Mayor Hon. Wadri Sam Nyakua Speaking


Originally slated for completion after eight months, the construction of both Enyau bridges began in October last year. However, unforeseen challenges and controversial workforce sharing have contributed to the project's sluggish pace. As a result, the contract period has been extended, and the new deadline for completion is set for December 30, 2023.

Local Council Five Chairperson of Arua, Alfred Okuonzi, expressed dismay over the issue of shared workers, emphasizing that it is dragging the project along at a snail's pace. The delays caused by this problem have led to frustration among the local community, which was eagerly anticipating the benefits that the bridges would bring to their daily lives.

The Enyau Bridge project, costing approximately 5 billion Ugandan Shillings, is funded by the government through the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program. The additional financing provided under this initiative aims to enhance infrastructure in the region and promote economic growth.

Despite the setbacks, there remains hope that the project will regain momentum with the implementation of the authorities' directives. By hiring separate workers for each site, Niem Establishment Limited can ensure the smooth progress of the Enyau Bridge construction. Timely completion of the bridges will not only ease transportation within the city but also stimulate economic activity in the region.

The local community eagerly awaits the successful completion of this vital infrastructure, as it holds the promise of transforming the area and improving the lives of the people. As authorities continue to monitor the project's progress, it is essential for all stakeholders to collaborate and address any challenges that may arise. Only through concerted efforts can the Enyau Bridge project fulfill its purpose and become a symbol of progress and development in Arua City.

Author: Anwangkani Franco
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