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03 Dec

In a commendable effort to foster better education in Arua city and the West Nile region, a cluster of four Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) under the Education working cluster at the Network for Active Citizens CSO Hub embarked on a transformative Community Action Plan (CAP) initiative. 

Comprising Community Empowerment for Transformation Action West Nile (CEFTRA-WN), Youth Initiative for Community Transformation, Community Action for Developing, and Rising Hope Community Initiative (RHCI), the cluster took a proactive step to enhance education in the area.

These cluster members conducted a series of career guidance sessions in four primary and nursery schools in Ayivu West Constituency, Arua City, from November 30th to December 2nd. The participating schools, namely Aliba Primary School, Venturi Primary and Nursery, and Oreku Primary School, hosted sessions addressing crucial issues such as academic performance, hygiene, menstrual management, discipline, and the rights of children. Pupils were also sensitized to detecting and reporting any form of violence against women and children in their communities.

A key highlight of this initiative was the recognition of the best five pupils in each school, a motivating gesture aimed at encouraging more retention and enrollment. Over 1000 pupils and 30 teachers across the four schools benefited from this impactful event, creating a positive ripple effect within the education system.

Mr. Dricile Godfrey, the Executive Director of CEFTRA-WN, expressed gratitude to the Network for Active Citizens and Civil Society Strengthening Network for funding this collaborative effort. He emphasized the importance of community engagement in addressing identified needs, citing the positive impact of the CAP project concept note.

Mr. Dricile Godfrey, ED CEFTRA WN Addressing Pupils Of Saint Kizito Primary School

Speaking exclusively to the dailwestnile.info blogsite, the head teacher of Aliba Primary School praised the cluster's initiative, noting that it was the first time CBOs had visited their school to encourage pupils. He urged stakeholders to continue such initiatives, emphasizing the positive impact on performance improvement. The head teacher called for government intervention, particularly in promoting feeding programs to encourage increased enrollment and performance.

Mrs. Perry Hope, the Program Manager of the Youth Initiative for Community Transformation, extended her appreciation to the schools for welcoming the cluster's activities. She highlighted the significance of prioritizing education over other life choices and called for increased support from donors and funders to sustain their community-focused initiatives, especially in the post-COVID era.

Mrs. Hope Perry - Standing Extreme ends in White Poses with the Children, Joined By Mr. Godfrey & Senior Woman Teacher 

As we reflect on the success of the Education working cluster's CAP initiative, it is evident that collaborative efforts and community engagement are essential components of addressing educational challenges. The commitment of CSOs and the support from various networks have undoubtedly contributed to positive change. The inspiring words of the head teacher at Aliba Primary School resonate: "Education is the only weapon for community transformation and empowerment." The call for continued programs and government intervention highlights the persistent need for sustained efforts to enhance the educational landscape in Arua and beyond.

BY: Jaybee Pop Auden, Dailywestnile.info 
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