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17 Feb

In a recent development, councilors serving in Ayivu Division council face the possibility of forfeiting their allowances and emoluments due to their failure to submit their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) for tax payment. Emmanuel Angudubo, the town clerk of Ayivu division, disclosed during a council sitting held on Thursday, February 15th, 2024, at Arua Core PTC in Arua city, that the councilors have been repeatedly requested to provide their TIN since the inception of the council in 2021. 

Angudubo emphasized that failure to comply with this requirement would result in the councilors being ineligible to receive their payments, effective immediately. He clarified that the taxes owed by the councilors have been reflecting on the division's tax identification number, but reassured that upon submission of individual TINs, adjustments could be made accordingly. 

We started requesting for tax identification numbers from the honorable counselors ever since this city was created.As I talk now, we have not even received the 50% of those tax identification numbers. At starting with this council, I will not pay those who don't have TIN numbers. That I'm going to implement it.It means that if you don't give us your tax identification number, for me as the accounting officer, I am mandated to withhold your tax and remit it to URA.It remains on our TIN as a division. But once you give me the tax identification number, I am able to amend the return which I have filed.Even for the years that the entity has been remitting this tax to URA,  SAYS THE TOWN CLERK AYIVU DIVISION 

However, Ronald Dradria, the chairperson of the Social Services Committee in Ayivu Division council, raised concerns regarding the lack of notification regarding tax remittances, despite some council members having submitted their TINs. This discrepancy highlights administrative challenges within the tax system that need to be addressed promptly. 

"If some of these councillors have submitted their tin numbers, and as well revenue is saying that the moment you have submitted your team number there, you are supposed to be getting the right, the remittance message. So those who submitted earlier, I think that was good. Why are they not getting it?" RONALD DRADRIA COMMITTE CHAIRPERSON SOCIAL SERVICES AYIVU DIVISION COUNCIL.

Veronica Eyotaru, representing the elders in Ayivu division council, echoed the sentiment of many councilors, expressing dissatisfaction with what she described as excessive taxation and the lack of clarity regarding the allocation of these taxes. Eyotaru's concerns underscore the need for transparent communication and effective management of tax revenues within the division. 

Some of his explanations have been making me mad. He was talking of being honest, that he is doing the rightful thing, he has the mandate. Now I want to ask him, where is the money? Let me say, where is the money which has been deducted? He is pretending that the money is already remitted. Where and where? Taxation is not a problem, it's good.But then, he always taxes us abnormal. Abnormal, why? So, it's very bad. As a human being, we all want to eat. Don't think that you eat alone. SAYS VERONICA EYOTARU THE  REPRESENTATIVE OF ELDER IN AYIVU DIVISION COUNCIL

In response to these grievances, the town clerk reiterated that efforts are being made to ensure proper allocation of taxes and that individual submissions of TINs would facilitate more accurate tax management. However, this exchange highlights ongoing tensions between councilors and administrative authorities regarding tax compliance and accountability. 

"I said, as an accounting officer, I don't want to do the amendments in Piecemeal. Piecemeal means that today, two people are giving me there TIN numbers, I go and amend I requested . The taxes are being remitted. It's not that the taxes are with us. The taxes are on the Ayivu division Tin. All of them we have. So, the law gives me mandate as an accounting officer to hold these taxes" THE TOWN CLERK AYIVU DIVISION'S  REPONSE

As the situation unfolds, it remains imperative for both parties to engage in constructive dialogue and collaborative efforts to address underlying issues and ensure fair and transparent taxation practices within Ayivu Division council.

By Matata Benzamin Dailywestnile.info 
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