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03 Oct

Arua central division council authority has embarked on levying fine on any vendor found selling along the streets in the city, according to the city division authority, the move is aims at preventing the rampant street vending in the city center   and also to keep the town very clean. Mr. Rashid Hossino, a councilor representing bazar ward who doubles as the secretary social service and  security for the division revealed 

that  as the council they have resolved that anyone found selling things on any of the streets in the city shall be arrested and fine 300,000/=  

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Street vending became rampant in Arua city by the time the government of Uganda through the ministry of markets and agriculture trade improvement project [MATIP]with loan  funding from African development bank  worth 34.9billion shillings started  construction of the new main market in 2018 that forced the then Arua  municipal council authority  to move the vendors to various  temporary market within the city  awaiting the completion of the main market. After the completion of the main market in July 2021 venders were expected to occupy the stalls and lock-ups in the main  market but the there were a lot of complains raised by the vendors to the city authority which includes; the few numbers of space in the market compares to the numbers of vendors in the area ,double taxations, briberies during process of allocation of spaces  by the city authority which they alleged that was not done properly that made them to refused  to be relocated to the main market. 

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The division mayor of Arua central , Khemis Muzaid appealed to the vendors to occupy the remaining free space in the main market and also can move to others places like  Lobida, Owino, and social center  which the council has gazette for them as markets rather than selling on the streets. 

Arua Modern Market

On July 2o,2022 Minister of local government, Raphael Magezi led a team of technical staff from his ministry to Arua city on invitation of Hon Jackson Atimalee Butti, the area member of parliament for Arua central who doubles as the regional government chip whip of national resistant movement party[NRM] of west Nile sub region. This was after several vendors petitioned the MP to ask the government to urgently intervene in the mess surrounding allocation of the stalls and lock-ups in the market.  Following the assessment on the matter Minister of Local government, Raphael Magezi ordered the former division town clerk Isaac Mwanze to step down and allow investigation to take place over the issue and also instructed the office of the resident city commissioner of Arua probe into the matter and produce report within one month. Vivian Envikia, one of the street vendors pleaded to division council authority to allow them sell along Social center, Pajulu , Ediofe road since the space in the market in not enough for them. 

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Most of the streets that vendors prefers vending along  are; Avenue road near Arua regional hospital area ,idi Amin road, Pajulu  Ediofe road among others. 

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