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11 Jul

In a significant development, Arua District leaders have officially handed over the newly constructed Ayaa-Ajia road to the local community. This marram road was completed under the road fund program, with the district investing 150 million shillings into its construction. The project has received commendation from various leaders, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the community and its contribution to enhanced security in the area.

Herbert Olea, the Superintendent of Works for Arua District, explained during the official commissioning ceremony that the district undertook the construction of the Ayaa-Ajia road. The investment of 150 million shillings highlights the commitment of the district to improve infrastructure and facilitate smoother transportation for the local population. The completion of this road project signifies a significant milestone in the district's development endeavors.

Jimmy Ali, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of the district, expressed his appreciation for the exceptional work carried out by the district leaders and technical team. Their dedication and efforts have resulted in the successful completion of the road project. This acknowledgment reflects the recognition of the hard work put in by all those involved in making this infrastructure development a reality.

Alfred Okuonzi, the Chairperson of the District Local Council Five, also praised the technical team for their remarkable work on the road. This recognition highlights the significance of high-quality construction, ensuring the road's longevity and efficiency. The commitment to delivering a well-constructed road demonstrates the district's dedication to providing its citizens with reliable infrastructure.

Geoffrey Okiswa, the Resident District Commissioner of Arua, emphasized that the Ayaa-Ajia road will not only enhance transportation but also contribute to improved security in the area. Well-constructed roads facilitate the easier movement of security personnel, enabling faster response times and ensuring the safety of the local community. This development is a positive step towards creating a more secure and connected region.

The Ayaa-Ajia road serves as a crucial link connecting three districts: Madi Okollo, Arua City, and Terego. This connectivity facilitates easier access between these districts, promoting economic growth and fostering collaboration between communities. It is noteworthy that this road had not been upgraded with marram for the past 12 years, making its recent construction all the more significant.

The official handover of the newly constructed Ayaa-Ajia road in Arua District marks a significant achievement in local infrastructure development. The completion of this marram road will greatly improve transportation for the community and foster better connectivity between districts. The leaders and technical team involved deserve appreciation for their efforts in delivering a high-quality road. Additionally, the road's contribution to enhanced security further emphasizes its importance in promoting the well-being of the local population. The successful completion of the Ayaa-Ajia road highlights Arua District's commitment to improving infrastructure and enhancing the overall quality of life for its residents.

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