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29 Jul

In recent developments, Arua City's youth council leaders have raised serious concerns about the meager funds being allocated to support their operations. This was revealed to dailywestnile.info blogsite by the newly appointed Arua City Youth Chairperson, Hon. Magezi Gift during the July 22nd Extraordinary Youth Council sitting that ushered in the new political regime. 

According to the Current District Youth Chairperson, Hon. Magezi Gift, Due to a significant reduction in budget allocations, they are grappling with financial constraints that are hindering their ability to effectively serve the youth in the region. 


Hon. Simon Enato, the youth male councilor of Arua City, lamented the adverse impact of budget cuts on their operations. He revealed that the funds previously received from the National treasury, amounting to 8 Million shillings, have been slashed down to a mere 2 Million shillings. 

Furthermore, the Arua city council, which allocated 11 Million shillings in the last financial year, also reduced their support to just over 2 Million shillings.

Consequently, the Arua City Youth Council is now forced to operate with a budget allocation of approximately 5 Million shillings in the current financial year (2023-2024). This significant reduction in funding has severely hampered their ability to carry out their administrative responsibilities effectively.


Hon. Gift Magezi, the youth council chairperson of Arua City, expressed frustration with the meager budget allocation. He highlighted that the allocated funds were insufficient to sustain the youth council's administration and activities effectively. The youth council faces the challenge of managing crucial initiatives with limited resources, hindering their ability to cater to the needs of the youth in the city adequately.

The youth leader of Ayivu division, Francis Bayo, conveyed his anger and disappointment over the negligible funding allocated to the youth in the current financial year. With only one million shillings assigned to the Ayivu division, Bayo pointed out that this lack of financial support reflected a disregard for the youth's welfare in the area. Such a paltry amount fails to address the numerous challenges faced by the youth and their aspirations for growth and development.


Godfrey Anguyo, a counselor for Ayivu North, candidly admitted that the allocated funds for the youth were indeed meager and insufficient for their activities. This acknowledgment underscores the severity of the funding crisis that has befallen the youth council in Arua City.

Amidst these financial challenges, Fred Tabu, the deputy speaker of Arua City, made an earnest appeal to the youth council leaders. He urged them to make the most of the limited funds they have been allocated, considering the country's difficult economic situation. While the funding may be constrained, efficient utilization and accountability can still help the youth council achieve some progress in their endeavors.


Arua City's youth council faces an uphill battle in the wake of severe budget cuts that have impacted their ability to serve the youth effectively. The reduction in funds, from both national and city levels, has put a strain on their administrative capacity and hindered their efforts to address the needs of the youth. As the city's future leaders, the youth deserve robust support and encouragement to realize their full potential.

It is imperative that concerned authorities take prompt action to rectify this funding crisis and ensure that Arua City's youth council receives adequate resources to carry out their essential activities and initiatives. Only then can they truly contribute to the growth and development of the region's youth and the city as a whole.

Author: Anwangkani Franco, Dailywestnile.info 
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