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17 Dec

Arua city authority are set to launch an enforcement of complete ban of public tobacco[cigarate] smoking. 

While Speaking to our reporter on Tuesday 13th/12/2022, at his office the health inspector of Arua city, Geoffrey Apangu revealed that plans are underway   by the city authority to stop public smoking; 

in his statement he explained that they shall begin with inspection of business places to ascertain the situations and arrest any body found smoking in public places 


Uganda became a party to the world health organization [WHO] frame conversation on tobacco control on 18,2007, that prohibits smoking in all indoors public places indoors workshops and public transport ,smoking is also prohibited in outdoor places within 50 meters of any places.

The local council one chairperson of Upper Bibia cell in Arua central, Ivan Shukuru says that most time in Uganda government officials like making noise without actions, according to him this move will just remain on air.


Fadil Lemeriga, the spoke person of Democratic Party who doubles as the chairperson of party for Arua city   similarly believes the city authority will not succeed in the enforcement. 


The Tobacco control Acts 2015 is the primary legislation regulating tobacco products and Tobacco use in Uganda. It regulates   smoking in public places; tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship ;tobacco products sales ;tobacco packaging and lebelling; tobacco  protection against tobacco industry interference ,among other policy areas .Implementing  were issued in 2019.

BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info 
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