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30 Jul

In a bid to enhance economic ties and bolster trade relations between Uganda and Nigeria, a momentous event took place in Arua City. Ismail Alatise, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Uganda, along with his delegation led by Hon. Jackson Atimalee, the area member of parliament for Arua Central, made an encouraging announcement during their visit on Friday, July 29th, 2023.


The purpose of this agreement is to foster closer economic ties and promote trade opportunities between the two nations. During their visit, various stakeholders from both sides emphasized the significance of engaging in business within Africa, urging businesspersons in Arua city and the West Nile district to seize this opportunity once the agreement is formalized.

Alatise revealed that both the Nigerian and Ugandan governments are actively working on a bilateral agreement, which will pave the way for formalized trade between the two countries. He emphasized the importance of seizing this opportunity and encouraged businesspersons in Arua City and the wider West Nile district to participate wholeheartedly once the agreement is finalized.


Interestingly, Alatise shed light on a concerning observation: many Africans are hesitant to engage in business within the African continent itself. He passionately discouraged this trend, highlighting the tremendous potential for economic growth and development that can be harnessed through intercontinental trade collaborations.

Nkoyo John Peter, the counselor responsible for Economic, Trade, and Investment affairs at the Nigeria High Commission, pointed out the natural affinity between Ugandans and Nigerians. He emphasized that the two nations share many common items, indicating the potential for mutually beneficial trade in various sectors.


Supporting the sentiment, Rose Emmanuel Munduni, the secretary for the chamber of commerce in both Arua city and district, highlighted the abundance of market opportunities present in both Nigeria and Uganda. With a rich diversity of products and services, the potential for thriving business ventures is undeniable.

As trade prospects soar, Jackson Atimalee, the area member of parliament for Arua Central and the chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce, has a vision to further elevate trade efficiency. He advocated for the upliftment of Arua's airfield to an airport status, to facilitate smoother and faster trade activities. Currently, the long distance poses challenges, but with improved infrastructure, the trading process is expected to flourish.


The collaboration between Arua city and Nigeria is set to bring about a new era of economic prosperity, strengthening the ties between these African nations. As the bilateral agreement takes shape, entrepreneurs and businesspersons are urged to explore the untapped potential that lies within their respective markets.

This landmark event signifies a powerful step towards intra-African trade and cooperation. By breaking barriers and promoting a culture of collaboration, Uganda and Nigeria are paving the way for other African nations to follow suit. As the two countries embark on this transformative journey, a brighter economic future beckons for the entire continent. The promise of progress and shared prosperity serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that can be achieved when African nations come together with a common vision.

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