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26 Dec

The bustling city of Arua in Westnile stands in solemn remembrance as the business community and its people bid farewell to a titan of commerce, Hajji Gule Musa, whose legacy transcended business corridors into the hearts of many.Hajji Gule Musa, renowned for his entrepreneurial prowess, served as the interim Chairman of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

His impactful presence extended beyond the boardrooms, for he was also the beloved husband of Honourable Avako Melisa, the esteemed woman member of parliament representing Yumbe District.

The city was shaken by the news of his passing on Sunday, December 24, 2023, in Kampala, following an extended battle with various ailments, notably hypertension and stroke. 

Malik Drakuma, speaking on behalf of the family during the Janaza prayer held at Arua Primary School playground on December 26, highlighted the health struggles that ultimately claimed Hajji Gule's life.

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Dr. Ronald Debo, Chairperson of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arua city branch, reflected on Hajji Gule's profound impact. "He was a beacon of inspiration, a mentor to countless business minds in our region. May God grant him eternal peace," expressed Dr. Debo, encapsulating the sentiment shared by many.

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Mayor Musaid Khemis of Arua Central Division fondly recalled Hajji Gule's contributions, citing his generous donation of land that facilitated the establishment of the council. This act continues to bolster local revenue, showcasing the businessman's commitment to the city's growth and prosperity.

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Representatives from the Aringa Arua Community Association echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing Hajji Gule's multifaceted support. "He not only nurtured business acumen but also instilled moral values, guiding numerous lives towards success," stated a representative, encapsulating the profound impact Hajji Gule had on the community.


As Arua City bids farewell to this distinguished figure, the legacy of Hajji Gule Musa remains ingrained in the hearts and businesses he touched. His contributions, both economic and humanitarian, continue to reverberate, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Westnile.The city stands united in mourning this loss while cherishing the invaluable contributions and memories of a visionary businessman and a compassionate soul.

By: Benzamin Matata DailyWestnile.info 
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