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07 Dec

Arua city Council Authority has commissioned assorted health equipment worth one hundred forty nine thousand million Ugandan Shillings (149,000,000Ugx).

During the hand over of the assorted health equipment to the various health Centers in Arua city by the city council authority on  Tuesday, 07th/12/2022, the city health inspector of Arua, Mr. Pontius Apangu explained that the assorted health equipment were procured by the government as per the 2022/2023 financial year budget.


The city deputy town clerk, Mr. Cornelius Ojobile appealed to the management of various health centers in the area  to take proper care of the equipment that was handed to them by the city authority.


The division mayor of Ayivu division, Mr. Malon Avutia cautioned the health workers against the theft of the medicals equipment.


In October 03rd/2022, the territorial police of Ayivu arrested three people and recovered stolen sterilizers and surgical equipment  belonging to Adumi health Centre four in Ayivu division, Arua city. 

Those that were arrested included among others; Matua Alfred 34 years old ,peasant farmer, resident of Barize cel, Ombaci ward, Ayivu west Division, Dubo, Jackson 53 years old , a watchman at the health centre, Candiru Rebeccca of Ozuvu cell, Kenya ward, all in Arua city and on 04th/October/2022 the stolen equipment were recovered and handed back to the management of Adumi health Centre.

Similarly on 27th/November/2022 one woman and the midwife identified as Nyakurua Antoniata 43 years old and a midwife Atako Judith, 30 years old resident of Ambala cell, Nyiovura were arrested of suspected theft of government drugs worth one million UGX.

The resident city commissioner [RCC] Alice Akello Opio cautioned female health work against the theft of government health equipments


The commissioned health equipment that were handed over to the various health centers in charge includes ; two Autoclave, instrument set for general surgery 4, instrument for delivery 6 among others.

STORY BY; ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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