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14 Nov

In a surprising turn of events, the Arua City Chamber of Commerce and Industry witnessed a significant upheaval during its rescheduled election at the Heritage Courts Hotel on Monday, November 13, 2023. The chaos ensued as Caesar Draecabo Trinity, the initial nominee for the chairperson position of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI), withdrew his nomination, citing concerns over the fairness of the electoral process.

Caesar Draecabo Trinity alleged that the election process was neither free nor fair, asserting that his supporters were deliberately barred from participating by security operatives. His decision to withdraw his nomination was met with protests from a group of his supporters, reflecting the palpable tension surrounding the entire election proceedings.

Claims of Bribery:

Caesar Draecabo Trinity went on record stating that the electoral process had been compromised by alleged bribes, undermining the integrity of the entire democratic exercise. These serious accusations cast a shadow over the credibility of the Arua City Chamber of Commerce's election process.


James Odomwel, the Communication and ICT Officer at the National Secretariat of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, strongly refuted Caesar's allegations. Odomwel maintained that the electoral process adhered to legal standards and was free and fair, as directed by the president of the chamber. He urged the community to reject ignorance, which could lead to further chaos.

Jobel Ayiko, the Acting Commercial Officer for Arua City and the presiding officer during the elections, insisted that the elections were conducted on a free and fair basis. Ayiko's statement aimed to reassure the public about the integrity of the electoral procedures.


Ezama Ham Muzamil, the Deputy Resident City Commissioner in charge of Arua Central Division, emphasized the need for unity and peace in Arua City. He urged the community to transcend tribalism and work together harmoniously, highlighting the city's diversity.

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Despite the tumultuous circumstances surrounding the election, it concluded successfully, with Dr. Debo Ronald emerging as the unopposed chairperson. Ochaya Tonny secured the vice chairperson position, and Miria Ahmed won the role of chamber coordinator, among other successful candidates.

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The Arua City Chamber of Commerce and Industry's election saga serves as a stark reminder of the challenges inherent in democratic processes. While allegations of impropriety and the withdrawal of nominations marred the proceedings, the successful conclusion of the election suggests a resilient commitment to democratic norms within the business community of Arua City. The aftermath of this event may prompt a deeper reflection on the transparency and fairness of future electoral processes within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

BY: Matata Benzamin, Dailywestnile.info
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