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02 Oct

In a recent council sitting on Thursday, September 28th, 2023, the Arua Central Division Council in Arua City has taken a strong stance against traders who have been selling expired goods, particularly rotten meat, in the area. This move comes as a response to growing concerns about the safety of consumers and the potential health risks associated with consuming such products.

Hon Samsam Alia, the secretary for Gender and Development Services, passionately addressed the council during the meeting. She expressed deep concern about the prevalence of expired goods in the area, with a specific emphasis on the sale of rotten meat. Her remarks shed light on the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for action to protect the community.

CUE;ALIA ON GOODS.mp3 Samsam Alia on the State of Goods//

Another council member, Hon Aligah Yunus Awaa, representing the male elders of Arua Central Division, echoed Alia's concerns, focusing on the appalling condition of meat being sold on the streets. The council recognized that such products not only endanger public health but also damage the reputation of the city's traders.

CUE;ALIGA ON GOODS.mp3CUE//Aligah Yunus Awaa on Rotten Goods//

Khan Ayub, a dedicated councilor representing Kenya South, raised an alarming point during the meeting. He disclosed that expired goods were not limited to street vendors but were also prevalent in shops and supermarkets. This revelation underscores the severity of the problem, as it affects a wide range of consumers and puts the lives of residents in jeopardy.

CUE;KHAN ON GOODS.mp3 //Khan Ayub on Widespread Sale of Expired Goods//

Khemis Muzaid, the Mayor of the division, acknowledged that discussions on this issue had been ongoing for some time. However, the recent revelations and the increasing risk to public health have spurred the council into decisive action.

CUE;MALIK ON GOODS.mp3 //Khemis Muzaid on Previous Discussions//

The town clerk of the division, Malik Drakuma, added that the council would collaborate closely with the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) to tackle this problem effectively. This partnership aims to gather comprehensive data and insights into the extent of the issue, facilitating targeted actions against those involved in selling expired goods.

CUE;MALIK ON GOODS.mp3 ///Malik Drakuma on Collaborating with UBOS//

The Arua Central Division Council's determination to crack down on the sale of expired goods demonstrates their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of their residents. The issues raised during the council sitting have prompted a sense of urgency, and residents can look forward to improved safety standards in the marketplaces and shops within the city. As this initiative moves forward, it is essential for consumers to remain vigilant and report any instances of expired goods to ensure the success of this vital endeavor.

BY: Abas Hamza, Dailywestnile.info 
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