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29 Jul

In a bid to enhance local revenue collection efficiency, the Arua Central Division Council in Arua City recently made a significant purchase. The council procured a brand new double-cabin vehicle with the registration number plate LG 004-112, worth a staggering 164 million shillings. This exciting development was revealed by none other than the division's mayor, Khemis Muzaid, during the vehicle's grand commissioning ceremony on July 25, 2023, at the division headquarters located in River Oli. The funds used for the purchase were derived from the local revenue collected by the division authority, reflecting a responsible and transparent financial approach.

Mayor Khemis Muzaid took immense pride in unveiling the new acquisition during the commissioning event. He highlighted that the double-cabin vehicle would serve as a vital asset for the Arua Central Division Council. The mayor explained that it was essential to invest in such modern infrastructure to improve the division's capacity to collect local revenue more effectively. By using the funds generated within the division itself, the council demonstrated a commitment to self-reliance and financial autonomy.


The council speaker, Rashul Osuga, also made his stance clear during the ceremony. He issued a stern warning to all civil servants within the division against any misuse of the newly acquired vehicle. Rashul emphasized that the vehicle was designated solely for official purposes, particularly for the Finance Department. Any attempts to utilize it for personal gain would not be tolerated, and strict action would be taken against anyone found in violation of this directive. This announcement underscored the council's determination to maintain transparency and accountability in all their activities.

Central Division Leaders At the Receipt of The New Vehicle


The gleaming white double-cabin vehicle has been entrusted to the Finance Department, and it will play a crucial role in local revenue collection efforts within the division. The vehicle's versatility and capacity make it ideal for navigating the diverse terrain of the region, ensuring that revenue officers can reach all corners of the division with ease. With this new asset at their disposal, the Finance Department aims to streamline revenue collection procedures, leading to increased revenue inflows for the division's development projects.

The Arua Central Division Council's recent purchase of the double-cabin vehicle marks a significant milestone in their commitment to bolster local revenue collection. By utilizing funds raised from within the division itself, the council demonstrates prudent financial management and dedication to self-sufficiency. With Mayor Khemis Muzaid's leadership and Council Speaker Rashul Osuga's stern warning, the council sets a clear example of accountability and responsibility. As the vehicle embarks on its journey as an integral part of the Finance Department, the entire division anticipates a brighter future with increased revenue resources to uplift the lives of its residents and support essential development projects.

Author: Omar El Bashir, Dailywestnile.info 
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