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10 Jul

In a bid to foster development and improve the welfare of the priests, Arua Catholic Diocese recently unveiled its local donor forum. The initiative, launched at Ediofe Cathedral on Saturday, aims to collect funds from Christians across the diocese. Spearheaded by the Rt. Rev. Sabino Odoki Ocan, the Bishop of Arua Diocese, this forum calls upon every Christian to contribute a nominal amount of only 100/= per month. The funds will be channeled towards various development projects within the diocese, as well as ensuring the well-being of the priests.

Right Rev. Bishop Ocan Odoki Addressing the Donor Forum


The organizing secretary for the forum, Peter Dembele, highlighted the primary goal of this fundraising endeavor. The donor forum intends to raise funds for the construction of an Elderly and Sick Priests Home, alongside other vital projects within the diocese. With a united effort from the Christian community, these initiatives will contribute to the overall growth and well-being of the Arua Catholic Diocese.


Father Pius Yobuta, the parish priest of Christ the King, expressed his wholehearted support for the donor forum. Pledging his commitment to the cause, Father Yobuta emphasized the importance of standing united as a community to foster positive change and development within the diocese. Such support from influential figures within the church plays a significant role in inspiring other Christians to join this noble cause.


The chairman of the local council in Arua district, Alfred Okuonzi, commended the administration of Arua Diocese for introducing this innovative forum. Recognizing the potential for tangible progress and community development, Okuonzi lauded the diocese's commitment to addressing pressing issues and improving the lives of its members. This recognition from a local authority serves as a testament to the positive impact this initiative can have on the wider community.

The chairman of the local council in Arua district


Arua Diocese boasts a staggering total of over 2 million Christians. With such a vast community, the local donor forum holds immense potential for generating significant financial resources that can drive the diocese's development initiatives. The nominal monthly contributions requested from each Christian make it accessible for everyone to participate, ensuring that collective efforts can make a tangible difference in the diocese's future.

The launch of the local donors forum by Arua Catholic Diocese marks a significant milestone in the diocese's pursuit of development and improved priest welfare. With the commitment of Bishop Sabino Odoki Ocan, the support of influential figures like Father Pius Yobuta, and the acknowledgment of local authorities, this initiative holds great promise. By harnessing the power of community involvement and collective efforts, Arua Diocese is set to embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter future for all its members. Together, they can build a stronger and more prosperous diocese that will impact lives for generations to come.

BY: ANWANGKANI Franco, Dailywestnile.info 
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