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05 Oct

Maguma Tort Wallace Yiacia commonly as Anyafura seller of Arua city enlists as one of the 78 successful business venture winners under the 2022 NSSF Hi Innovation Challenge. This award comes under his long term Anyafura business selling Ventures - Arua City Food House. From selling Anyafura - Cassava Flour, Tort Wallace Anyafura Seller is set to benefit from a scale up funding of $20,000 that is approximately 75 Million Ugandan shillings. 

Anyafura is a Lugbarati word meaning cassava flour, - the steeple food for the Lugbara and the most consumed in the northern part of Uganda and Uganda at large.

Hi-Innovator is an initiative aimed at supporting youth, Small and Medium-sized Businesses to sustainably grow through entrepreneurship education, funding, and technical support. The NSSF Hi-Innovator seeks to give visibility to small and growing businesses so as to help them secure seed funding, receive technical assistance and build partnerships for their growth. Under the Hi-Innovator initiative, NSSF and its partners will link potentially profitable and sustainable businesses that can drive positive social change and returns to investments with funding of up to Uganda Shillings 75 Million. Through this initiative, the fund will also convene potential local and foreign stakeholders in Uganda that can invest in the potential of local entrepreneurs. 

CEO Anyafura Seller & Hanucho - Team Arua City Food House at the Pitching

The NSSF Hi-innovator initiative that provides young inventers a platform to present their business ideas, elaborate at length key perspectives like growth prospects kicked off yesterday at National Theatre, Kampala.

It is a two-day event in which cohort 2 of the Hi-innovator programme are pitching their businesses, with over 100 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) tussling it out to stand a chance of receiving seed funding of up to $ 20,000. The programme organized under the auspices of National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation Uganda provides practical entrepreneurship training to more than 75, 000 youth to enable them address gaps in their businesses.

The NSSF Hi Innovation Challenge was started in 2021 and the 2022 forms the Second edition of the challenge. With over 1300 applications received 36 were awarded $20,000 each under the scale up seed capital funding. 42 businesses have qualified to earn funding of up to USD 20,000 from the program on pitch day 2 bringing the total to 78 businesses for cohort 2. 

Other businesses to pitched included those dealing in Maize processing, coffee, powdered eggs, honey, fresh fish, wine and brandy, balcony gardens, liquid bio fertilizers, solar cooing stoves, roofing, tiles, and briquettes nutritional supplements.

Arua City Food House as one of the finest business ideas becomes the only entity from West Nile to have scooped this award.  

Arua City Food House majorly processes maize and cassava flour into highly nutritious and affordable maize and cassava flour ready for human consumption which is supplied within Arua and surrounding districts of Maracha, Terego, Yumbe, Koboko and Madi-okollo.

Arua City Food House Services 

Besides winning the $20,000 NSSF Hi Innovation Challenge fund, The CEO of the Arua City Food House Mr. Tort Wallace the Anyafura Seller is set to pitch the same idea to the Abi Zard team on 27th of October 2022 which could possible see him bag another 100 Million Uganda Shillings to expand the Anyafura business. As a Unique idea, Abi Zard, a zonal Agricultural Research Center aims to make more scale up for the Arua City Food House that deals in the high class flour sales in the region. 

However, Dailywestnile.info can also confirm that the Anyafura seller is yet to travel world as the same Idea has landed him a perfect opportunity to pitch in Cairo Egypt come December 2022.

While speaking Daily West Nile, the excited CEO - Mr. Anyafura Seller says he is set to inject the seed capital fund to expand the Arua City Food House were he intends to be a model to the very many youths in the region who face challenges in establishing them selves in the early stages of business. 

"This is just a seed capital given to support my business of Arua City food house and the farm. They selected my idea because of the agri business value chain concept", Says Tort Wallace Anyafura Seller. 

The Unique Business Approach Of The Arua City Food House - Door To Door Delivary

"Yes I'm going to establish something huge in Arua, then do over 10 acres of trees at the farm plus over 100 goats and like 12 cows." Adds Anyafura Seller

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Who is Tort Wallace Anyafura Seller - CEO Arua City Food House?

Maguma Tort Wallace Yiacia is a Lugbara from Maracha who grew up in Arua's Suburbs of Asuru cell in Arua central Division. As of 2018 Tort Wallace worked at Arua Diocese Media Center - Radio Pacis as a Radio Journalist and later would Join the Banking world as a community banker working at Pride Micro Finance Uganda Limited - Arua Branch. From a community banker, Tort would rise to the position of a Loan officer a position from which he resigned as of 2020 so as to give more time for his Arua City Food House Business Venture. Tort has since then established him self as a perfect Food House dealer were the whole of West Nile Knows Him as the Anyafura Seller - A lugbara word meaning Cassava Flour seller. 

Tort is also the Fans leader at Arua Hill Sports Club a very funny and lovely man, What's your message to the Anyafura seller?

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