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01 Oct

In a heartwarming gesture aimed at improving the learning conditions for children in Uganda, America Tour Cooperation Uganda, a telecommunications network from the United States, recently handed over a newly constructed classroom block to St. Paul Oriajin Primary School in Katrini village, Karini sub-county, Terego West, Terego district. 

This remarkable initiative, valued at 300 million Ugandan shillings, is set to make a profound impact on the education of the 1,808 pupils and 22 teaching staff at the school.

The handover ceremony, which took place on Friday, September 29th, 2023, was attended by the Chief Executive Director of America Tour Cooperation Uganda, Dorothy Ssemanda. During the event, Ms. Ssemanda emphasized the company's commitment to addressing the pressing educational needs of the school. She explained that the decision to construct the new classroom block was a result of a thorough assessment that revealed a severe shortage of classrooms at St. Paul Oriajin Primary School.

"We believe that access to quality education is essential for the development of any community. Our team conducted an assessment and identified the urgent need for improved learning facilities at this school. This new classroom block is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the educational experience of these children," said Dorothy Ssemanda during the ceremony.

Chief Executive Director of America Tour Cooperation Uganda, Dorothy Ssemanda


The woman Member of Parliament of Terego district, Rose Obiga, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to America Tour Cooperation Uganda for their generous contribution. She acknowledged the positive impact that the newly constructed classrooms would have on the students' education and the entire community.

The woman Member of Parliament of Terego district, Rose Obiga


"Education is the key to a brighter future, and I am deeply grateful to America Tour Cooperation Uganda for their invaluable support to our community. The new classroom block will undoubtedly create a conducive environment for effective learning," said MP Rose Obiga.

Established by parents in 1946, St. Paul Oriajin Primary School has faced numerous challenges over the years, including inadequate infrastructure and the aftermath of a devastating 2019 storm, which left the school relying on makeshift tents for classrooms and staffrooms. 

The area Member of Parliament for Terego West, Joel Leku, used the occasion to appeal to the management of America Tour Cooperation Uganda to consider further refurbishments to address the remaining classroom shortages.

"The school has come a long way since its inception, and this contribution from America Tour Cooperation Uganda is a significant step forward. I urge them to continue supporting us in improving the school's infrastructure and facilities," urged MP Joel Leku.

The area Member of Parliament for Terego West, Joel Leku


David Johnson Andresile, the head teacher of St. Paul Oriajin Primary School, expressed his profound gratitude to the company's management for their generosity. He highlighted the importance of this new classroom block in providing a safe and conducive learning environment for the students and also requested their continued support in addressing other classroom needs.

"The impact of this classroom block cannot be overstated. It will transform the learning experience for both our pupils and teachers. We thank America Tour Cooperation Uganda and appeal to them to assist us in further enhancing our school," stated David Johnson Andresile.

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The newly constructed classroom block not only replaces the makeshift tents and dilapidated structures but also symbolizes hope and progress for the students and staff of St. Paul Oriajin Primary School. America Tour Cooperation Uganda's commitment to education and community development serves as an inspiring example of corporate social responsibility, leaving a lasting and positive impact on the lives of those it touches.

BY: Anwangkani Franco, Dailywestnile.info 
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