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13 Jul

In a recent development at Ajia Health Center in Arua district, concerns regarding rampant staff absenteeism have prompted action from local authorities. The Resident District Commissioner, Geofrey Okiswa, has ordered the person in charge of the health center to submit a detailed report explaining the reasons behind the persistent absenteeism.


The decision came during the commissioning of the new staff house at the facility. Let's delve deeper into this issue and explore the perspectives of those involved.

Mr. Geofrey Okiswa, the Resident District Commissioner of Arua, has taken a stand against the recurring absenteeism issues plaguing Ajia Health Center. 

During the commissioning ceremony for the new staff house, Okiswa directed the health center's in-charge, Sammuel Obokua, to draft a letter to his office, with a copy sent to the Chief Administrative Officer of the district. The letter should shed light on the reasons behind the staff's consistent absence from their duties.


Luizi Candini, the district's Secretary for Works, emphasized that staff absenteeism at Ajia Health Center has become an ongoing concern that needs urgent attention. The lack of regular presence among the health center staff has created significant challenges in delivering efficient healthcare services to the community. 

Candini's acknowledgment highlights the severity of the issue and the need for swift action to address it.


Cosmas Ayikobua, the Vice Chairperson of the district, expressed his remorse on behalf of the staff members who have been absent from their duties. Ayikobua recognized the inconvenience caused to patients and the detrimental impact on the health center's reputation. His apology highlights the district's commitment to resolving the issue and ensuring improved service delivery in the future.


Sammuel Obokua, the in-charge of Ajia Health Center, agreed to comply with the order and draft the requested letter. However, he refuted the allegations of rampant absenteeism within the health center. Obokua defended his staff, indicating that they were present and committed to their duties. Nonetheless, the claims made by district leaders state otherwise, with reports suggesting that only one out of the eight expected staff members are usually found attending to patients.

The situation at Ajia Health Center in Arua district highlights the challenges faced by healthcare facilities when staff absenteeism becomes routine. The directive from the Resident District Commissioner to address this issue signifies the importance of accountability and efficiency in delivering quality healthcare services. As the letter is drafted and submitted, it remains to be seen how the district authorities will respond and take measures to rectify the situation. The well-being of the community and the reputation of Ajia Health Center are at stake, urging stakeholders to work collaboratively and find a viable solution to this persistent problem.

BY: ANWAGKANI FRANCO - dailywestnile.info 
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