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08 Aug

In a historic and ceremonious event that captured the essence of tradition and unity, Acikule Nassur has been officially crowned as the new king of Aringa Kingdom.

The momentous installation ceremony took place at Aliapi Primary School in Anzemara village, Aliapi parish, Ijo sub-county, located in Yumbe district, on Sunday, August 6th, 2023.

The air was thick with anticipation as the kingdom welcomed its new leader, ushering in a new chapter for the people of Aringa.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, with Prince Adam Muhammed Drigo, the council speaker of the kingdom, addressing the gathering. 

Drigo expressed his commitment to collaborating closely with the newly crowned king to drive the development and progress of the kingdom. 


The unity and shared determination exhibited by the council speaker set a positive tone for the future endeavors of the kingdom under King Acikule Nassur's reign.

Local residents also expressed their joy and excitement as they witnessed the historic installation. Among them was Sam Drajoga Ashraf, a proud resident of Anzemara village, Aliapi village, Ijo Sub County. 

Ashraf's jubilant spirit mirrored the prevailing sentiment of hope and optimism that enveloped the ceremony. The enthronement of the new king resonated deeply with the community, signifying the continuation of tradition and heritage.


The significance of the moment was further emphasized by the heartfelt words of Hamza Ham Ezama, the resident district commissioner of Arua and a distinguished son of the region. 

He called upon the Aringa community to unite under King Acikule Nassur's leadership, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in fostering development within the area. Ezama's words resonated, highlighting the shared responsibility that comes with the king's role.

Amidst the festivities and celebrations, King Acikule Nassur himself addressed his subjects. In a humble and earnest appeal, he urged his subjects to stand beside him and work collaboratively to fortify the kingdom's prosperity. This call to action echoed the essence of partnership between the king and his people, signifying a symbiotic relationship aimed at realizing the aspirations of the kingdom.


Acikule Nassur's ascension to the throne marks a significant moment in the history of the Aringa Kingdom. He follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Sultan Fadil Alumula Adu, who ruled during the British colonial period from 1914 to 1934. Sultan Adu's legacy has left an indelible mark on the kingdom, and his lineage continues to bear the responsibility of guiding the people towards a promising future.

The absence of a king since Sultan Adu's passing in 1938 had created a vacuum that had stirred controversies in recent times. However, with the coronation of Acikule Nassur, the kingdom is set to regain stability and unity, reinvigorating its sense of identity and purpose.

As Aringa Kingdom embarks on this new journey with Acikule Nassur at the helm, the echoes of unity, tradition, and progress are poised to reverberate throughout the land. The collaborative efforts of the king, the council, and the people themselves are sure to pave the way for a future filled with promise and prosperity for the entire kingdom.

Key To Note: Exploring the Key Aspects of Aringa Kingdom in Yumbe, Uganda

Aringa Kingdom, nestled within the vibrant landscapes of Yumbe district in Uganda, stands as a testament to history, tradition, and resilience. With a rich heritage that spans generations, this kingdom holds a unique place within the region's cultural tapestry. Let's delve into the key aspects that make Aringa Kingdom a captivating and integral part of Yumbe.

Aringa Kingdom's history is woven into the fabric of Uganda's past. Its roots can be traced back to the pre-colonial era, when local leaders held sway over their communities. The kingdom's evolution continued through the colonial period, where it navigated the changing tides of influence and authority. The reign of Sultan Fadil Alumula Adu from 1914 to 1934, under British colonial rule, left an enduring mark on the kingdom's identity.

The cultural identity of the Aringa Kingdom is a vibrant mosaic of customs, rituals, and traditions. From colorful festivals that celebrate the harvest to the intricacies of traditional art forms, the Aringa people proudly uphold their heritage. Language, music, dance, and attire play pivotal roles in expressing their cultural uniqueness.

The monarchy is a cornerstone of Aringa Kingdom's structure. Acikule Nassur's recent coronation as king has breathed new life into this institution, marking a significant chapter in the kingdom's history. The king's role extends beyond mere governance; it symbolizes unity and guidance for the community's growth.

The people of Aringa Kingdom share a strong bond, stemming from a sense of collective identity. Unity is woven into their ethos, and this sentiment was palpable during the installation ceremony of King Acikule Nassur. The presence of dignitaries, such as Princes Adam Muhammed Drigo and Hamza Ham Ezama, underscores the shared commitment to the kingdom's development.

Aringa Kingdom has not been immune to challenges. The absence of a king following Sultan Adu's passing in 1938 left a void that led to debates and controversies. However, with King Acikule Nassur's ascension, the kingdom is poised to overcome these challenges and foster a renewed sense of purpose.

The kingdom's geographical location in Yumbe district is crucial to its identity. The landscapes, rivers, and villages all contribute to the narrative of Aringa Kingdom. The residents' strong ties to the land highlight their interconnectedness with nature and their dependence on its resources.

As Aringa Kingdom steps into a new era under King Acikule Nassur's leadership, the horizon is filled with promise. Collaborative efforts between the king, the council, and the community are set to drive development initiatives, ensuring a brighter future for the kingdom.

In conclusion, the Aringa Kingdom serves as a microcosm of history, culture, and resilience. Its recent coronation event and the installation of King Acikule Nassur underscore the significance of this kingdom within Yumbe and beyond. As it charts its course forward, Aringa Kingdom stands poised to build on its legacy while embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO, Dailywestnile.info 
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