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19 Jan

The ongoing   6.3 billion shillings water project under the Odramacaku Rural Growth Centre Piped Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities in Arua City at the boarder based Odramacaku Trading Center in Anzuu ward Ayivu division in Arua city that started   in 2017 by Ministry of water and Environment and Northern Umbrella of water and Sanitation funded by government of Germany through the government of Uganda is at 98% progress.

While addressing leaders of Arua city on Tuesday 17th/01/2023 AT Odramacaku Trading Center, Engineer Ronald Olara working with Ministry of Water Trading, revealed that  as  they are at the verge of completing the project, 

community are expected to be paying 30 shillings only for pipped water.


The City division Mayor of Ayivu, Mr. Malon Avutia encouraged the community to be ready for connections to the  piped water network.


The city mayor of Arua   city, Hon. Wadri Sam Nyakua   appealed to the community desist  from consuming water from the wells and rivers to avoid them contracting water borne diseases.


The Resident City commissioner of Arua city noted that the soon completed water project shall reduce the issue of gender based violence that is cause due to long distance search for water by women in the area.


Ministry of Water and Environment has established 65 supply water system reserves in West Nile sub region. The construction of Odramacaku Rural Growth Centre Piped Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities in Arua City shall help address the issue of high water tariffs in the city and offer pipped water to the distant city areas such as Odramacaku that are closer to the Democratic Republic Of  Congo Boarder.

BY: ALDO - Dailywestnile.info 
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