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Andama Milton, a retired civil servant with Arua District, has taken a resolute stand against the district officials for their failure to disburse his retirement package, which he's been waiting for since his retirement on August 8, 2021. This pensioner, who dedicated over 30 years of his life in government service, is now demanding what he rightfully deserves. 


Andama Milton, while addressing the press, firmly stated that he will not quietly allow his retirement package to slip away while he is still alive. The frustration of not receiving his due pension has prompted him to issue an ultimatum: relevant officials have one month to pay him his money, or they will face legal action in the courts of law. 

"Some of these children in these offices are my own; I taught in school. The good English they are speaking is because of me. Why would they want me to die before I receive my retirement package?" questioned Andama, expressing his exasperation. 

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In a meeting with the representative of the workers in the anti-corruption unit, Robert Keno, who was visiting Arua District Hall to meet leaders of Arua City, Terego, and Arua District, it was noted that some district officials are exhibiting a lack of respect for senior citizens who have retired. Keno emphasized that senior citizens, when visiting these offices, are sometimes mistreated, leading to anger and, in severe cases, stress-induced fatalities. 


Arua District Chairman, Alfred Okuonzi, attributed the issue of unpaid pensions to the centralized system in Kampala, stating that it creates problems at the district level. He advocated for the transfer of pensioners to their respective districts to expedite the resolution of these issues. 


Monica Likaru, the Senior Human Resource Officer for Arua District, extended an apology to senior citizens who have faced difficulties due to administrative shortcomings. She acknowledged that the delay in pension disbursement was partly because files used to be sent to Kampala. However, this process has recently been allowed to be handled at the district level, which should improve the efficiency of the disbursement. 

The issues surrounding pensions and gratuities have left many senior citizens in Arua District dissatisfied with the way they have been handled, leading some to discontinue their pursuit of these essential funds. Some also allege harassment by human resource officers and other personnel in various offices. 


The mounting frustration among pensioners like Andama Milton highlights the need for administrative reforms and a more empathetic approach to ensure that those who dedicated their lives to public service receive their retirement packages promptly and with dignity. The clock is now ticking, as Milton and others look forward to justice being served.

By Alinda Moses Igwera Dailywestnile.info 
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