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In a proactive move aimed at safeguarding the existence of the revered shea nut tree, popularly known as "Kumura," a local business entity in Yumbe District has embarked on a unique conservation effort. Shea Nut and Natural Oils Conservation Limited, operating from Midigo Town Council, has launched the second edition of the Shea Tree Conservation Tournament 2023.Scheduled to kicked off on Wednesday, the 13th of December 2023, in Midigo, Yumbe District, 

the tournament is set to conclude on the 19th of December 2023 with a ceremonious award ceremony. The champions will be honored with trophies and tokens of appreciation, with the winner receiving 800,000/=, the first runner-up securing 400,000/=, and medals for standout players.

The primary objective behind this sporting event is to advocate for the preservation of shea nut trees, a prominent feature in Yumbe renowned for its extensive growth of these invaluable trees. Disturbingly, recent reports highlight that a considerable number of shea nut trees in the district have been felled for commercial purposes, primarily for charcoal production, posing a threat to the tree species' sustainability.

Oshman Miraj, overseeing the sports aspect of the tournament, underlined the significance of conserving shea nut trees, citing their marketability and numerous health benefits. This tournament represents the company's concerted effort to sensitize communities about the vital importance of preserving these trees for sustainable production.


Siraji Akumu, the conservation officer for the company, elucidated on their proactive measures, emphasizing the establishment of a dedicated committee to intensify awareness campaigns within local communities regarding the criticality of preserving shea nut trees.


Imran Ejotre, the Chief Executive Officer of Shea Nut and Natural Oils Conservation Ltd, lamented the prevailing lack of awareness within the community regarding the invaluable benefits of shea nuts. Ejotre emphasized the urgent need to shift mindsets away from the prevalent practice of tree felling for charcoal production, highlighting the economic potential inherent in sustainably utilizing these tree species.

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Inclusivity is a cornerstone of their approach, as emphasized by the Public Relations Officer, Ismail Hassan Maaruf, affirming the company's commitment to gender inclusivity in engaging both sexes in the production of shea natural oils.

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The shea nut tree, a natural species, starts bearing nuts after fifteen years of growth and boasts an impressive lifespan of approximately 251 years, making its conservation imperative for the community's long-term sustainability and economic prosperity.

Through this unique initiative blending sports and environmental conservation, Shea Nut and Natural Oils Conservation Limited seeks to herald a paradigm shift in the local community's perception, highlighting the untapped potential and significance of preserving shea nut trees for future generations


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