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Forum for Development of Greater Nebbi Petitions Government Over Poor State Of Roads

Greater Nebbi and Zombo district main development advocacy group Forum for Development of Greater Nebbi together with other local authorities and the Wanaichi Petitions Government Over Poor State Of Roads in the districts. This demonstration comes at the backdrop of the numerous presidential pledges to construct the Nebbi-Goli-Paidha road which hasn't been fulfilled since 2006 yet the people of the greater Alur belt always been voting leaders president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wants.  

In an official letter communication to the government, the team petitions the president over the failed fulfillment of the 2006 pledge among other issues raised, dailywestnile.info can confirm the receipt of the 13th August letter that reads; 

It should be noted that this public outcry becomes the second instance after the previous one early this year in April were the rains had made the Goli road impassable. In reaction, UNRA had engaged on massive maintenance works on Goli - Jukia Roads. Nebbi Jukia -Goli road to Padeya that both Ugandans and Congolese traders bank on for business for the last two weeks has become impassable. The poor state of the road has affected both business and transportation of goods and services for both Ugandans and Congolese. 

Nebbi currently is represented In the parliament of Uganda by The Member of Parliament for Nebbi Municipality, Suleiman Hashim who of late had made statement about the poor state of the above roads in which we can quote him say, Nebbi Goli custom road especially on Jukia hill has claimed many lives both during rainy and dry seasons because the road normally develops gullies and potholes which makes it impassable.

Hashim added that Nebbi – Goli road needs to be tarmacked because of the heavy trucks on transit to DR-Congo and Zombo district. When it rains, travelers and transporters spend much of their time waiting for the muddy and slippery Jukia hill road to dry up.

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